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Jul 23, 2002 06:03 PM

Austin Sushi

  • j

I've heard conflicting stories about sushi in Austin. I was hoping to get some solid recommendations on where to go for this weekend.

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  1. Mushashino, hands down. It's underneath the Chinatown Restaurant on the southbound frontage road of MoPac at Greystone (between Far West and Anderson Lane). Enjoy, I know I always do.

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    1. re: Greg Spence

      Thanks, Greg. It really was good!

      1. re: Jerry

        Agreed. Musashino is clearly the best. My wife and I had great meals at Tokyo in Westlake. Also, Umi and Sushi Sake (great hamachi) are competent runners up at a more reasonable price. And...I can't believe I'm gonna say this...but Oishi ain't bad. It's a sushi buffet for $16. If you want to eat a lot of sushi for little money, it's ok. Don't expect miracles. The tuna and salmon are always good. I did some sweet talking once and got to taste the was so-so. They usually don't have it on the buffet.