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May 1, 2013 10:46 AM

fishsauce ideas

I have some fish sauce and can't think of anything to use it in other than pad thai or a vietnamese salad dressing. Any other ideas?

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  1. Use it similar to soy sauce, or anything salty. It's anchovies, really, and when heated becomes a bit nutty.

    My mother makes chicken soup and uses a spoonful or so of it. Never have seen her use it in a beef or pork dish, though.

    I've stir fried veggies with just a seasoning of fish sauce.

    It's also a nice salad dressing when heated with sugar and chile, although maybe you do this already.

    1. Just think of it like flavored salt. It's good on practically everything.

      1. I put a little in my scrambled eggs prior to cooking.

        It's great as a marinade for chicken and pork when mixed with garlic and sugar. Add some lemongrass if you have it on hand.

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          I tried adding it to scrambled eggs today, soooo good!! great idea.

        2. I just finished "Ruhlman's Twenty". Fish sauce seems to be his secret ingredient for a lot of things... soups, sauces, marinades... anything that needs a hit of umami. I'm thinking I need to get some!

          1. As joonjoon says, use it like salt. It can replace anchovies in certain dishes, but it's just as good adding a certain briny salinity to anything from rotisserie-chicken marinades to soup.