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May 1, 2013 10:01 AM

June 2013 Openings and Closings

Schlow has finally made the worst-kept industry secret in Boston official: Radius will close on June 29. He says his famed burger will pop up elsewhere.

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  1. The new project from the Oleana / Sofra folks, going into the old Paddock space in Somerville, will be called Sarma and is shooting for a June opening.

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      1. re: Stride

        I think they were originally shooting for a June opening (when the news was announced late last year), but the recent Boston Magazine article says the timing is "later this summer" ... which to me indicates sometime later than June.

        Anyone heard otherwise?

        1. re: huuvola

          I drive by there daily. No way it's a June opening unless they have bionic contractors.

    1. Amelia's Taqueria will be opening at 180 Brighton Avenue (former home of Indian Dhaba and the very brief-lived Grill Station.) No details, windows are still papered up, but signage is up.

      The neighborhood could use a taqueria - hope it's good!

      1. I just walked by something scribbled on a window between All Asia and Thailand Cafe on Mass Ave. that said something to the effect of "Something very particular opening this Saturday" and then "fish tacos" Anyone know what this is about? It must be a temp thing if anything at all as this is one of the buildings due to be torn down.

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        1. re: Snowflake

          Saw it today. Gives a time of 6pm.

        2. Ralphie's Italiano in Salem, NH will be closing and or relocating soon, as the Plaza that they are in (Cumberland Farms) will be torn down and replaced.
          Not sure if they wil be in the new plaza.

          As of now, all the other tenents have left.

          1. Anyone tried the new Palm yet? I love their crabcakes. Ithink I've said that about 100 time before on this site.
            Hope Someone Enjoyed,

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            1. re: CocoDan

              I went there before the opening to the public and I think it is definitely by far better than the last location in terms of quality of the food as well as the space.

              1. re: CocoDan

                Might want to give lunch service, the presumed B team, some time to get its act together. I got seated, got a "Be right back" from the server, and then sat for about ten minutes without water, menu, or the ability to attract anyone's attention. My lunchtime is not unlimited, so I stalked out and grabbed a sandwich nearby.


                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Not good to hear. Lunch is big business to them and if it's too slow---Yikes! But did I say I love their crabcakes?
                  I'll be heading there soon for apps and cocktails. Will report back.

                2. re: CocoDan

                  I think the only filler is a little curry. I love them too.