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May 1, 2013 08:15 AM

Peche - excellent

we hit it up on perhaps third nite it was open. place was packed, even for a late 9pm dinner. there's a big bar, the dining room, and an oyster bar. perhaps more seating will be unveiled upstairs.

Ambiance -- holy cow did they do a beautiful job w/ this place, and they arent even finished w/ the building... it's restored wood, brick and concrete. A+. noisy tho due to all the concrete.

Food -- delicious. we started w/ the grilled mussells in a fennel aioli broth and the crawfish onion gratinee, both excellent. really enjoyed the gratinee. salad was good (but arrived w/ the apps, making for an awkward small table). for entrees we had the smothered cast iron catfish on the menu, and the daily fish, which was grilled and served in broth w/ incredible flavor and croutons that managed to stay crunchy even in the broth. for dessert it was the chocolate peanut butter pie, which did not disappointed. we were quite happy with everything.

Service -- eager, but definitely new. theyll need some time to get their groove on, but thats probably to be expected.

...this is a great addition to the seafood scene.

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  1. What’s with restaurants these days? Last night at Revolution, we ordered apps and asked to have a pasta course next. It came out at the same time. Last time I went to Herbsaint, they mixed up the salad and apps course. I wonder if restaurants bulk things together just to turn the tables over faster?

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      I think it's just amateur mistakes and lack of this town you'd think they'd be all over it, but who knows. RR has been cited for its awkward service in past reviews...I think the food is stronger there.

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        Last night, waiter at RR brought our 6top five drinks and left my wife’s glass empty and the bottole of wine sitting on the buffet. We toasted, drank, waited and nothing. I thought about serving it myself, but my wife would have killed me. It wasn’t until the waiter came over to take our orders and he still didn’t notice. She had to say something.

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          I had the same experience last night, but not there. We had a private room, 16 of us. Had 2 reds and 2 whites going constantly, yet no matter how subtly/progressively firmly I told the waiter to put them ON THE TABLE!, not way over on the buffet, he kept doing it. At that point, I would get up, spread them around the group, even pour some in empty glasses since he wasn't doing his job. Because I had to do part of his duties and deal with this stubborness, he got a 10 percent tip and was the subject of a little chat with the manager on duty.

    2. ditto - could only get 5:30 reservations last Thursday - our server - Paige - was great, however - All the dishes were excellent -- fried bread! Hush puppies! The Donald stopped by twice to check on us - he's aware of the noise issues and is working on solutions - The managers are imported from Herbsaint and Cochon - this is now my favorite seafood restaurant in New Orleans

      1. Service problems are just something I've come to expect post katrina. Just too many restaurants and not enough good people to staff them all.

        1. We stopped in w/o reservations and managed to get two seats at the bar. Very glad we did!

          1. I went to Peche on a busy Saturday evening. As there were seats at the raw bar and a line of people waiting for tables, I gave up my table and sat at the raw bar, where they also dish out desserts (which strikes me as odd).

            From the raw bar I tried two of their crudo specials: (1) tuna with cabbage, giner, and chilies, and (2) king mackerel with cucumber, hot sauce and popcorn. I think each dish is supposed to have 2 oz. of protein but they appeared to contain more fish. I'm not complaining other than I had to hold off finishing the crudos so I can eat the rest of my dinner. I would say the crudos are pretty good but I don't like popcorn with my raw fish - don't like the textural contrast, don't like popcorn getting stuck between my teeth, and don't think the popcorn adds flavor to the fish. As for the tuna, it could be sliced thinner.

            For my entrees, I had some (1) grilled red shrimp, (2) crab capellini, and (3) fried brussel sprouts. The shrimps were superbly grilled - cooked but super tender. I did have a little trouble peeling them and it was only later that they gave me a bowl for the shells. Do most people eat these with shells? Even so, I imagine people don't eat the heads. The crab in the pasta was plentiful and tasted very fresh. The pasta, as with my other experiences in NOLA, were slightly overcooked.

            This is an exciting restaurant with lots of things on the menu that I wished I could've tried.

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              We were there last week. Agree about the crab pasta, generous amount of delicate crab and perfect simple sauce but the pasta was overcooked. Oysters on the half were impeccable. Wife liked the seafood salad crudo but I wasn't so into it, also had the tuna crudo - fine, but not outstanding. Fried fish sticks were prefect. I know its a different focus, but I thought the dishes at Cochon were better thought out overall, though we did like Peche quite a bit and would return.