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May 1, 2013 07:12 AM

Favorite Breakfast Tacos

I love the combination of cheap cheese, potatoes, serranos, sausage, and eggs that Maudie's serves up as "Pete's Tacos", my favorite breakfast version in town. I'm also a huge fan of Mi Madre's migas tacos and their sausage, egg, and cheese (they house make that sausage and it's great). I've had none that really top those, but am hoping to get some others under my belt. I also love Pinos for their homemade tortillas and such, but usually end up getting the posole and overeating chips and salsa.

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  1. Since I live very close to both of the S1st Torchy's locations, I tend to go there quite a bit for a quick fix. I think the breakfast tacos are my favorite thing on their menu. Nothing fancy, just the right level of grease for the classic eggs/bacon vibe, plus their salsa is excellent. I usually go for the Monk Special and The Wrangler.

    Also, for me there's something weirdly perfect about Tacodeli's bean/potato/cheese on flour. Refried black beans with their odd, sort of mashed/whipped potatoes = delicious mush bomb. Doña sauce of course.

    1. Bacon, Egg and Potato from Mi victoria, with a side of menudo

      1. There's a convenience store on Red Bud Trail before you get to the fork in the road at Westlake that has really good breakfast tacos. They are loaded with serranos, they have potato, egg and either bacon or chorizo. Sometimes they have picadillo tacos too. I'm hooked.

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          I think it's the serranos in the pete's taco at Maudies that really sets it up a notch. I kayak off redbud so I'll have to try those.

        2. Taco Joint by campus on San Jacinto. Hands down. They make a more Sonoran style flour tortilla (thinner, crispier, dustier, and fattier, kind of yellow and translucent, almost like an Indian paratha) than the doughy white Texan kind.

          Anyone know any place else that serves this kind of tortilla?

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            Serranos makes their own tortillas and I recall they were yellowish, flaky, dusty..translucent. i went once and that's all i remember.

            El Nuevo Mexico on Anderson Ln and N. Lamar makes their own flour and corn tortillas, as well as totopos.

            Jorge's would have fit your bill, i think.. but they're gone.

            I need to try Taco Joint.. i've heard it's top quality

          2. I've been digging the $1.25 breakfast tacos at the C Mart off Far West & Village Center. They have a kitchen in the back of the gas station. The Taco El Rico of Northwest Hills.

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              Went to the C Mart the other day. Had Barcacoa and my friend had a chicken gordita. Tasted like homemade corn tortillas. Pretty good.