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Favorite Breakfast Tacos

I love the combination of cheap cheese, potatoes, serranos, sausage, and eggs that Maudie's serves up as "Pete's Tacos", my favorite breakfast version in town. I'm also a huge fan of Mi Madre's migas tacos and their sausage, egg, and cheese (they house make that sausage and it's great). I've had none that really top those, but am hoping to get some others under my belt. I also love Pinos for their homemade tortillas and such, but usually end up getting the posole and overeating chips and salsa.

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  1. Since I live very close to both of the S1st Torchy's locations, I tend to go there quite a bit for a quick fix. I think the breakfast tacos are my favorite thing on their menu. Nothing fancy, just the right level of grease for the classic eggs/bacon vibe, plus their salsa is excellent. I usually go for the Monk Special and The Wrangler.

    Also, for me there's something weirdly perfect about Tacodeli's bean/potato/cheese on flour. Refried black beans with their odd, sort of mashed/whipped potatoes = delicious mush bomb. Doña sauce of course.

    1. Bacon, Egg and Potato from Mi victoria, with a side of menudo

      1. There's a convenience store on Red Bud Trail before you get to the fork in the road at Westlake that has really good breakfast tacos. They are loaded with serranos, they have potato, egg and either bacon or chorizo. Sometimes they have picadillo tacos too. I'm hooked.

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          I think it's the serranos in the pete's taco at Maudies that really sets it up a notch. I kayak off redbud so I'll have to try those.

        2. Taco Joint by campus on San Jacinto. Hands down. They make a more Sonoran style flour tortilla (thinner, crispier, dustier, and fattier, kind of yellow and translucent, almost like an Indian paratha) than the doughy white Texan kind.

          Anyone know any place else that serves this kind of tortilla?

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            Serranos makes their own tortillas and I recall they were yellowish, flaky, dusty..translucent. i went once and that's all i remember.

            El Nuevo Mexico on Anderson Ln and N. Lamar makes their own flour and corn tortillas, as well as totopos.

            Jorge's would have fit your bill, i think.. but they're gone.

            I need to try Taco Joint.. i've heard it's top quality

          2. I've been digging the $1.25 breakfast tacos at the C Mart off Far West & Village Center. They have a kitchen in the back of the gas station. The Taco El Rico of Northwest Hills.

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              Went to the C Mart the other day. Had Barcacoa and my friend had a chicken gordita. Tasted like homemade corn tortillas. Pretty good.

            2. You named my #1 (Pete's). My #2 is the Burrito La Silla and is huge. It's at La Silla in Round Rock on I-35 (in the former Michael's Tacos location). It has eggs, bacon, ham, chorizo, cheese and potatoes in it, same cheap cheese as Maudie's. I just love it. Their other tacos are great as well but the burrito is where it's at. It makes two meals for me.

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                Thanks MissMitzi, haven't even heard of La Stilla. will check that out.

              2. People! What the hell is happening here? Most of these folk don't even make fresh tortillas. (Not even addressing overcooking eggs, sourcing mediocre chorizo, under and overcooking bacon, etc.)

                El Meson on Burleson remains the king of breakfast tacos. They make the tortillas fresh, and you aren't likely to have better migas in your lifetime. If you're opulent and decadent and seeking tricked-out jams, get the chori-migas w/ cheese on flour.

                La Flor on South 1st also makes their own tortillas and suburb bfast tacos, although not at El Meson Burleson levels IMHO. Yelp it, everything is great here.

                Habanero on Oltorf serves excellent breakfast tacos of all stripes, although I think they are far from perfect.

                Mi Ranchito on Wm Cannon & Pleasant Valley is a jam waiting to happen. Their tortillas are often store-bought, but their filling is legit.

                Tamale House is gross, w/ leathery, store-bought tacos, but their migas w/ cheese is actually bad-ass. Order it w/ flour tortillas served w/in a 1-2 day window from a molina nearby and you'll get a cheesy, eggy jam.

                And there are many more!

                Are we really at the terrible place where Maudie's, Torchy's, and Mi Madre's is what we recognize as top-tier breakfast tacos? Holy crap. These are dark times in Austin. I could name five more places, easily, way out in front ahead of these options. [And fwiw I appropriately appreciate Maudie's bfast taco offerings, especially Pete's and Tatiana's, as well as Torchy's luncheon-focused tacos like that whack-ass chicken strip taco w/ queso.]

                Dark times on Chowhound Austin.

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                  Tom, I love meson on burleson too. is the ranchito in east austin much better then the one in manchaca?

                  as far as barbacoa goes, I still havne't found anything in austin that is close to el taco rico

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                    Just out of curiosity, what's the problem with Torchy's? I'm actually ok with their jalapeno sausage, egg, and cheese on a nice, big, fluffy flour tortilla. I live off Burnet, and La Fogata is really the only other option (don't get me started on La Victoria). And I'm not real happy about Torchy's being there anyhow, because they supplanted Wok-n-Roll, who, for seven years, provided me with the most sublime roast duck known to man in Austin........so I'm still real pissed about that, cause nothing else comes close. I should force Torchy's to have a duck-laden Wok-n-Roll Taco to honor the previous tenants.

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                      My repeat attempts at Torchy's breakfast tacos have revealed them to be gross. (I'm talking about egg+item tacos.) I wrote about one of those visits on Chowhound years back.

                      Somebody in that thread advised me to try their non-breakfast tacos, which is a good call. I especially like their more grotesque, creative things, like the one where they put a Whataburger chicken finger on a taco with queso. They had a special a few months back that basically put a Dairy Queen steak finger on a taco, that was crazy. To make it as deliciously blasphemous and vile as I could, I special-ordered a taco with both on them, plus queso, chorizo, and jalapeños. Where else in Austin could you even get this item!? The people behind the counter were into it.

                      So there you go: I have no problem with Torchy's, I just think in a thread about the best breakfast tacos in Austin, it is a sad thing to see. Perhaps I take the word "best" a bit too seriously.

                      Next up we'll see Rudy's in a thread about best BBQ.

                      1. re: tom in austin

                        To state the completely obvious, I think it's less about some golden standard of taco-making and a perilous fall from grace for the tortilla zeitgeist, than simply differing opinions of what people like.

                        I like Torchy's breakfast tacos because they nail the right level of classic diner-y taste, along the lines of a no-frills bacon egg and cheese on a roll from any deli in NY. Salty meat, generically cheddar-ish cheese and some flavor from the griddle in the potatoes/eggs. Grease. It's what I want.

                        I think their non breakfast stuff is what's truly mediocre. I'd much rather get an al pastor from El Primo than have a KFC Bowl stuck in a taco.

                        1. re: popvulture

                          But even then, sometimes it really hits the spot!

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                            If you like that sort of breakfast taco, try the ones at Counter Cafe. Ridiculously overpriced, but that classic, simple americanized breakfast taco taken to its conclusion.

                            For me, I want to get away from something that hints of a diner. For me, love in taco form is El Meson Burleson. Migas with potatoes on flour.

                            The guy crush-dices up some peppers on the griddle and throws on a slab of butter, which starts to melt with a quick sizzle. Cubed, blanched potatoes go on next and they begin to trade water for lipids, infusing the potato with pepper flavor and a surly heat. The potatoes get shuffled around, flipped a bit, and begin to gently crisp when they're pulled out of there and thrust on to a mattress of migas on a fluffy, freshly-made flour tortilla bed.

                            You can stop there if you want. Or you could have a handful of white, shredded cheese thrown on. Or you could go back in time and have that migas made with chorizo. And this ain't a molina, but even the venerable MPH called their flour tortillas the best in Austin. [Note: they run out and use storeboughts fairly often.]

                            I like all the other places that give me that greasy meat with fluffy scrambled eggs and cheese on a store-bought. I get what you're saying: diner components on a tortilla. If you love it, awesome, it is definitely the way most places do it. Waterloo Icehouse does it that way. Juan in a Million. Polvo's. Torchy's. Jim's. Austin Java. Whataburger calls them "taquitos". If this is what you prefer, you're in luck, and chasing down the best of this type in Austin is a worthy quest. (Like I said earlier, give Counter Cafe a try, I think for this type of b-fast taco they're near the top.)

                            But for me, if I'm having an eggy breakfast taco, I do love me some Mexican influence in there. Just my preference, and YMMV. If I'm at Torchy's, I'm going to ask them to do what they do best: give me an upscale, grotesque KFC bowl on a store bought tortilla, smear it with green chiles and queso, and call that fiendish abomination lunch. I wouldn't go there for anything delicate or refined, and I wouldn't go there for diner-style breakfast tacos; then again, maybe I don't understand them! :)

                        2. re: rudeboy

                          there is a little taco stand inside the gas station at anderson and woodrow that has pretty good and cheap breakfast tacos. also the jalapeno joe's on lamar and morrow has good ones. neither makes their own tortillas though.

                          the corn tortillas at tyson's tacos on airport seem to house made.i haven't tried their breakfast tacos yet though. the pork tacos i had there weren't bad.

                        3. re: tom in austin

                          I understand the beef Tom and agree that some dishes served at the stalwart purveyors of Austin tex mex cuisine like Maudie's and Mi Madres just plain suck. Case in point: The fajitas at Mi Madre's are essentially boiled chicken, nasty, and indeed - the Tamale House bacon egg and cheese are ass, but for 85 cents, pretty darn cheap ass. Those unfortunate misses, along with their apparently ironic longevity, may tend to bore us and deplete any noteworthy affection (heaven forbid !!) for what they do well, especially here on CH. As for the admittedly unassuming Maudie's Pete's taco, the synergy of the greasy, fennel-laden, breakfast sausage bits, government issue yellow-dyed cheese food product, lightly fried "real" potatoes, thin rounds of serranos, and nicely cooked eggs despite the packaged tortilla warms my unapologetic belly to perfection nearly every saturday or sunday on N. Lamar. Admittedly though, proximity plays a part here as Popvulture eluded. Maudie's is a mile from me. Mi Ranchito on Manchaca is about 20 minutes on a good day, and I rarely make it for breakfast. But their tamales......lovely. They may be my favorites.

                          1. B's tacos up in Leander, make their own tortillas too. I also like the Torchy's breakfast tacos. For huge and you only need one J&Js BBQ.

                            1. I'm hooked on Amaya's Taco Village - but only for breakfast tacos w/o cheese. The 'free' ingredient of a la mex (tomatoes, jalapenos, onions) really adds to the generous portions. For $3.01 I get enough to satisfy bfast and lunch - (1) egg, potato, a la mex (1) bean, egg, a la mex

                              Salsa rocks, too.

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                                agree on amayas. try asking for white cheese instead of the yellow. i get it on my machacado. which is great.

                                1. re: anjgupta

                                  I used to go out of my way to get Amaya's before they moved but they quality was going down and they didn't consistently put peppers in the eggs. Now it's such a pain to get to I don't even bother.

                                  1. re: Rptrane

                                    If you haven't been to the new location, you should give it a chance. The kitchen is larger and better equipped than the old place, and the quality and consistency are back. It's likely the best classic-style Tex-Mex in the city these days.

                                2. And all this time I tought I was getting a good deal at Rudy's up on research blvd.

                                  1. I've got to pick Taco Deli as my favorite "street taco." Love the unique combinations, and have found them to be more flavorful than Torchy's. Juan in a Million is another good choice and certainly well above average.

                                      1. re: tom in austin

                                        Sounds like more sadness for you tom, no?

                                        1. re: slowcoooked

                                          Naw. While I don't find their selections remarkable, they certainly make sense.

                                          Wonder how they stack up against this: http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/05/16/t...

                                          1. re: tom in austin

                                            Sweet Lord !!! I think I am supposed to be appalled, but strangely wouldn't mind at least taking a bite (and where's the cheese?). I guess it's their version of a McGriddle, an apparently successful atrocity I've not yet sampled. Can't break the McMuffin grip.

                                      2. You know - to sum this all up....sometimes a taco is simply a taco. Kind of like a cigar, which is really a taco as well.

                                        1. Does the Donut 7 on Burnet still do breakfast tacos? They were a serious guilty pleasure of mine for many, many years. They had someone make them and deliver them each day in a cooler. Sooooo good.