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May 1, 2013 06:27 AM

Weight Watchers Foodies - Let the Sun Shine in Edition - May 2013 [old]

The advent of beautiful weather means more delicious fruits in the market, and more easy dinners with grilling moving to center stage. These are good things for us Weight Watchers. How will you be keeping on track this month?

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  1. I found a way to really spice up plain old boring chicken breasts. I am using a vindaloo simmer sauce made by Maya Kaimal and sold at Whole Foods in the refrigerator section. It really is super, and not too bad with the points (3 points for 1/4 of the container, which is far more than a single serving). I've added lots of streamed cauliflower and some peas to the chicken to spread everything out. I'll serve it with some basmati rice.

    1. Today was my weigh in, and I was happy to be down 2 more pounds. It seemed as if I had been meandering off track ever since Easter, and I really feel as if I'm solid again.

      The last couple of days I have been really enjoying tuna salad made with the Costco water packed tuna mashed up with half an avocado. I add in lots of vegetables, and it really is quite satisfying. Dinner will be something with shrimp, which I find is the easiest seafood to make interesting and diet-friendly. I'm thinking of doing a rub and grilling it...

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        Wow 2 more! That's awesome.

        I've been pleased that a lot of the recipes from this month's COTM have been very "healthy eating" friendly. He focuses on using chiles and herbs to give flavor, using very little oils etc. I love it.

        After hovering around my maintenance weight for awhile, and even shooting up 2lbs after having a giant dinner and 25oz of beer... I'm now down 1.5lbs below where I'm supposed to be maintaining at... oops. I'm still trying to figure out that perfect balance of weeknight eating, with splurging on the weekends. I try to eat less on weekdays to compensate for the weekends, but I think I don't eat enough on weekdays, obviously. So, still struggling with that. I could stand to lose more weight since I'm at the very tippy top of a "normal" BMI but I just spent close to $500 on all new summer clothes so they need to fit me all summer!

      2. I just returned from a fabulous San Francisco/Napa vacation. So, needless to say, I'm going to have to work really hard the next few weeks. I haven't had the guts to step on that scale yet.
        So, tomorrow back to the spin studio and keeping the cork in the wine bottle. That seems to help the most. What I eat tends NOT to be the problem.
        I'll be checking in for inspiration frequently, My WW CH friends!

        1. A tip I got at my WW's meeting today, that I had never done before, was to use Lipton's onion soup mix in Greek yogurt to make a dip for vegetables. I'm eating it right now, and it's really delicious!

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            a healthy variation on the sour cream and soup mix classic! I actually had a great dip at a burger joint recently, and the waitress told me that it was just greek yogourt and chives.. so good.

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              I've read of people doing that w/ ranch dressing mix too. I like the onion soup mix idea though. I think actually have some somewhere in the pantry.

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                I just finished off the last of it with some celery, and I think it improved by sitting. The onions kind of rehydrated, so it was particularly good.

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                  oh yes, i've done that - but just used my own dried herbs - granulated onion, garlic, dried dill.... that way you can play with flavors. it's fab!

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                    There was a snack idea on the WW site today where you mix cottage cheese with light sour cream, with chopped chives, salt and pepper. It was divine! I dipped English cucumber rounds into it.

                  2. I've been in a tuna/avocado/cucumber/tomato rut for lunch lately, but today I just wasn't in the mood. Instead, I sauteed some onions, serranos, and tomatoes and made an omelet. I whipped up two eggs and two egg whites with my Bamix until it got nice and foamy. I cooked the eggs until almost done, and added on Laughing Cow light cheese that I had sliced up, and covered that. The eggs puffed up a bit, and I added the vegetable mixture to the cheese, and turned out onto a plate. It was big, super tasty, and only 5 points. Score on all counts!