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May 1, 2013 05:53 AM

Restaurants near Manchester airport

Which restaurants would you recommend to an adult family of jetlagged Canadians? They need to be close to the airport, as we won't have a car and Manchester is a waypoint, not the destination. We're not fast food types and are looking for places that would be open in the early afternoon.


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  1. There is nowhere "near" the airport really, but it's a very quick (15 mins) train ride to Manchester Piccadilly, and from there you can walk to any of the city centre choices (for example Abode is a 5 min walk from the train station).

    1. John is right. With one exception, there's nothing in the very immediate airport vicinity and the train into the city may be one option. The exception is the Etrop Grange hotel which is, literally, only a couple of minutes in a taxi. Even though it's only a few minutes from home, it's some years since I ate there so I make the suggestion with that caveat. I would, however, mention that we intended to host a dinner party celebrating my partner's retirement there, a couple of years back, and the food seemed as though it was going to be fine (which was more than my partner was, so we had to cancel)

      There are a couple of possibilities that would be a further taxi ride away and which are pretty decent:

      39 Steps is only a couple of miles away and almost on the airport perimeter fencing -

      Better and, in fact, one of my favourite South Manchester/North Cheshire restaurants is the Alderley Edge Hotel - - 15 minutes or so in a cab.

      I would make reservations in advance just to be on the safe side.

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        If decent pub food might be more suitable, then I'm going to recommend somewhere that's only just opened and I havnt tried yet. It's the latest opening by a small regional pub chain (Brunning & Price) in the North West and North Wales which offers consistently good food. I've eaten at most of the places and have rarely been disappointed. And with this opening only a few minutes from home, I'm sure I'm going to be a regular.

        No need to book (in fact, I'm not sure if they take bookings). And, again, perhaps a 15 minute cab ride from the airport.

      2. We were looking for something near to the airport a year or so back, and we ended up getting a takeaway from Dilli in Altrincham. You can obviously eat there rather than get a takeaway, but I don't know what its opening times are. It's a decent curry house - a bit better than most high street places. It's 4 or 5 miles in a taxi - about 10 minutes away.

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          I am dubious about recommending Dilli until I've had another visit. It has been on my "rave about" list for some time - we've had some really good meals there and the menu is now nothing like the high street curry house. I would have rated it best south of the city centre and well up there with the likes of Akbars, EastzEast and Zouk in the centre.

          However. And this is a big however. Last meal we had there was only OK. And there were service issues. And their card machine wasnt working, meaning I had to schlep down the street to get cash to pay.

          I will give it another chance, though.

        2. DefinatelyThe Cheshire Smokehouse for early afternoon its literally 5 mins from the airport.

          1. Thanks to all for the replies. All of the places look promising not only as places to eat, but as places to stay for the night, or stay near. As far as train travel for regular commuting goes...I completely forgot about it as constant, hourly service does not exist here. Consider yourselves blessed for the Victorians, especially Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We've managed to watch some of British Railroad series with Michael Portillo and we just love it. Britain is beautiful.

            We're heading down to Praa Sands the day after arrival. Hubby used to vacation in Cornwall as a child, so he's eager to see the area he hasn't been to in over 30 years. Doubtless things will be very different. There seem to be a few pubs and restaurants on Yelp and Tripadvisor that seem nice, but my issue will be grocery shopping, as we've rented a unit with a kitchen and I'm the cook :).

            is there any difference between Tesco and Sainsbury's? Are there good farmer's markets? Will I ever taste a Cox's orange pippin apple, or are they only available in season? There's so much to look at before we go.

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              Glad to have been of help. Please come back and let us know about your experience round the airport.

              For the rest fo your trip, you're visiting a part of the country that has become quite a foody area in recent years. There's certainly a committment to local produce - the meat and dairy is generally very good quality, as is the seafood. I don't know the area at all well (only stayed a bit further north at Mevagissey) but Google should be a good help in planning.

              Tesco & Sainsbury are pretty similar. They're our mid-range supermarkets and the ones you're likely to come across most often. I see you're staying in a very small place, and it is very rural in those parts, so you may have a bit of a travel to the supermarket. There may be small shops more local, but many of them have been under heavy pressure from supermarkets in recent years and may have gone bust.

              It'll be worth checking in the supermarket for Cox's. I wouldnt hold too much hope though as it is very much at the end of the season, even for stored apples.

              A couple of sites may be of interest:



              I'm a fan of Big Barn when I'm visiting unfamiliar parts of the country. It allows you to search for foody places in a given area using a postcode (zipcode?)

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                The trip isn't until the summer, but I'm trying to get it sorted out now. I'm doing a very un-jammy-like thing by planning ahead. My family is a bit shocked, but who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks, especially if good food is involved. I have looked into all of the links everyone has provided; they're very appreciated. I'll be sure to post about anything worthwhile to Chowfolk.