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May 1, 2013 01:14 AM

Cookbook of the Month May 2013: OTHER BOOKS by RICK BAYLESS

Here's the adjunct thread that some of you requested for Rick Bayless, so we can discuss recipes in his other books or from the internet.

Please include the title of the book you are using, and the page number.

A reminder, as always that the verbatim copying of recipes to the boards is a violation of the copyright of the original author. Posts with copied recipes will be removed.

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  1. Just a quick note to let folks know that:


    was a past COTM and we can read and add to recipe reviews here:

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    1. re: Breadcrumbs

      My only other Bayless book is Fiesta at Rick's and I was a little underwhelmed by it. Consequently it has been collecting dust for a few year now, I am curious to see if anyone cooks anything from it and posts here.

      1. re: delys77

        Yeah, I think that one's a bit of a dud too. The only thing I've made out of it was the chocoflan, which my friends decided was the best dessert ever. I liked it, but I prefer a less dense cake and flan. Other than that recipe, I'm not inspired to make anything else.
        The cajeta was fabulous--made that out of one of his other books. I like half goat's and half cow's milk best.

        1. re: pavlova

          OMG what a fabulous shot pavlova. Honestly that looks indescribably delicious!

          1. re: pavlova

            Look at that, wow! Looks lie it is straight out f Mexican abuelas kitchen.

            1. re: pavlova

              I've made this recipe a lot too, it's one of the few in the book that I actually think works really well. I had some issues with the cooking time, but that's easily adjustable and could have also been a variation in my oven.

              This is such an odd (and very easy) recipe, but it's a hit with everyone that eats it :-)

            2. re: delys77

              delys I'll take a look at my book and let you know what I've made and liked. I know this book took some heat and there was even speculation that Rick outsourced his recipe development but I seem to recall finding some real hits in there so I'll have to pull it off the shelf. I know RB signed this one for me as a birthday gift from mr bc but I wouldn't let that bias me...

              1. re: Breadcrumbs

                Lol I trust you won't. I'm not even sure it was the recipes that were the problem, I found the lay out frustrating.

              2. re: delys77

                Delys77, I have all of RBs cookbooks and Fiesta at Rick's is BY FAR my least favorite. I usually have pretty good success with his recipes, but my results with FaR is pretty mixed. Some recipes worked, some didn't. I also had a problem with cooking times and yields that didn't quite match up to what the recipe indicated.

                What I DID like about the book were all the helpful tips at the end of each chapter on party planning.

                1. re: DiningDiva

                  Thanks DD, I also liked the presentation suggestions and the other little add ons. I just don't like navigating this type of book.

            3. great- i have 2 other books by him

                1. re: Gio

                  Rick Bayless is one of the most generous chefs. He shares recipes on his website and doesn't take them back down after a period of time. Undoubtedly, this "cuts" into his cookbook sales. I think he genuinely wants everyone to love Mexican food as much as he does.

                  Long way of saying, I think all those recipes on his website are in a book, somewhere. Can't imagine why it isn't appropriate to include reviews on this thread.

                  1. re: Gio

                    I've included the words "or from the internet" in the OP, but can ask the mods to add it to the thread title if you want. :-)

                    1. re: greedygirl

                      Thank GG... you do what ever you think is best.

                  2. Homemade thick cream (Crema Espesa)- p.51 Authentic Mexican

                    Since I can't locate crema around here but find the real thing to be far better than sour cream, I thought I could attempt to make this at home. It's a very simple method, just adding a touch of buttermilk to lukewarm whipping cream and setting aside in a jar to ripen for 12-24 hours. Because winter won't release its chilly grip in my area and the countertop-temperature was a bit cool, I stuck it in the oven with the pilot light on.

                    The crema was still too mild for me after 12 hours, but after 24 it had thickened nicely and had a pleasant tang to it. I did find that the whipping cream was a bit too heavy for my tastes--I like to slather the crema on my foods with abandon and couldn't do so with the 33% variety. A later attempt with half-and-half yielded too light a mouthfeel, even though it did thicken just as well. My next experiment will be with coffee cream (18%) and I bet that will be just right.

                    There was one occasion where the several-day-old batch of crema sat out on the counter in the sun for a few hours--and it was even better for it! It almost solidified and I had to thin it with some milk, but the flavour was superior to what I had previously made, more wild and ripe. So perhaps even longer than 24 hours would make for a more flavourful cream.

                    1. From the RB web site:

                      Queso Panela Con Salsa de Papaya and Chile Chipotle

                      This is a nice, light and refreshing appetizer, it's from one of the Baja episodes of his PBS show Mexico: One Plate at a Time.

                      Queso Panela is a fresh cheese. Rick recommends the LaLa brand, but Cacique also makes a good queso panela. If you can't find panela, you can use farmers cheese or queso fresco. Panela doesn't melt well (it holds it's shape when heated) and has a rather bland flavor.

                      Slice about 12 oz of queso panela into 1/2" slices (about the same size as a Triscuit) and shingle them out over your serving dish.

                      Cut an avocado, 1/2 a red onion and about a 1/4 of a Mexican papaya into 1/4" dice. Toss with a couple tablespoons of fresh lime juice a quarter cup of chopped cilantro and 1 or 2 finely minced chile chipotles in adobo. Season to taste with salt and then spoon the fruit salsa over the cheese.

                      Serve with the hard Mexican tostadas.