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May 1, 2013 12:33 AM

Kuala Lumpur - Fabulous Steamed Ginger Fish at CST Restaurant (來發發肉骨茶家鄉小菜)

CST Restaurant is one of those many "dai-chow" dining places in KL which straddle that gap between restaurants and street-side stalls. CST has been operating from this spot for about 2 decades, according to my KL foodie friend. Its business used to be *much* better than when we were there last night - we walked into the restaurant at around 8pm, and about 5 out of 15 tables were occupied - it used to be packed, but the emergence of many other like places had eaten into its clientele base.

What we had this evening:
- Braised Hangzhou-style Dong Po Pork: beautifully dark and glossy - the meat was meltingly-soft and the soy-based sauce was subtle and delicious.
- House special deep-fried tofu with soybean, dried shrimp and lardon crumbs, sitting on a delicately-flavored soybean paste-based sauce. This was very good, the tofu was crisp on the outside and impossibly delicate and soft on the inside.
- The piece de resistance: Steamed whole freshwater carp blanketed with minced ginger and scallions. The steaming was perfectly-timed, resulting in a moist, delicate fish. To-die for!

Address details
CST Restaurant (來發發肉骨茶家鄉小菜)
Jalan Lazat (Happy Garden)
58200 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Whoa - so the fish was submerged in its juices?? *drooling*

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    1. re: jennjen18

      Plus ginger juice and fish stock. It's good.