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Apr 30, 2013 11:13 PM

Wegmans in Montvale

It appears that Wegmans is coming to Montvale as planned.


Although I am sad to see a long time local farm ending operations, I am happy to see another Wegmans come to NJ

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  1. I was having lunch last week at Ruby Tuesday, and overheard a conversation about this at a nearby table. Someone was explaining something to the effect that Wegmans is used to raising their prices and getting away with it, but in North Jersey it will make customers go elsewhere.

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      Interesting comment!

      In Woodbridge, Wegman's is competitive on most things. Indeed, their premium priced items come out cheaper than most other high-end places.

      1. re: BrianYarvin

        Generally, I would not expect a Ruby Tuesday customer.....and a Wegman's customer to be one in the same...so the comments do not surprise me.

        1. re: fourunder

          It was a business lunch. The guy seemed to have dealings with Wegmans. The fact that it was in a RT (which happened to be the best option in the vicinity) isn't very relevant.

      2. re: ebchower

        most likely your nearby lunch mate was from Shop Rite, Stop and Shop, Pathmark or one of the other chains. The only thing Wegmans has been getting away with is thankfully offering NJ shoppers an outstanding alternative.

        In actuality, Wegmans does a great job maintaining *consistent low prices* on a long list of weekly staples. They promote these products and pricing on their website and often have in store comparison prices on the shelf.

        Their store brand products are excellent and priced the same or lower than the national brands.

        Wegmans gets branded as high priced because they do offer a wide selection of prepared items and many other high end items. They also do a great job of in store product placement so the quick trip for eggs and milk becomes a basket of much more as you walk the aisles.

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          I cannot speculate about the competitor angle....although it is a distinct possibility....but I agree with the rest of your comments about their business model. Wegmans will be a great addition to Northern New Jersey.

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            While I do give credit to Wegmans for their meat, seafood and prepared food sections, (I often go for lunch etc) from a super market aspect overall I really don't like them.

            I find they limit their selection of products in favor of "pushing" their private label brands. Not saying their private brands are lacking in any way.....I just like having more variety to chose from. When I walk down the isle's I hear the Wegman's voice saying....buy me, buy me!!

            I will give their locations with attached liquor stores credit they have VERY competitive prices on their booze!

            1. re: jrvedivici

              Jrvedivici, you are correct about the meats, seafood, and prepared foods. Truly top of the line. Pricey? yes, but oh so worth it (and still cheaper than eating out). We like to treat ourselves a few times a month and go to Wegman's. Their booze prices are really good as well. I rarely get out of a Wegman's in under an hour, and that's if I only have a few items. It's an experience! Most of their pricing is consistent with their competition, but they got known as a high priced, snobby store by some. I haven't seen that much. They also feed you samples on the weekend. I put on 2 lbs. this past Saturday just walking the aisles!

              1. re: jethro

                I pass a Wegmans every morning on the way to work. As far as their prepared foods go, the coffee isn't consistent enough for me to stop there. It's a shame because when it was good it was really good.

              2. re: jrvedivici

                With regards to liquor pricing....in New Jersey, there is a minimum price statute on the books....essentially it restricts the selling price and cannot be lower than cost.

                1. re: fourunder

                  I'm sorry Four I think I'm misunderstanding your comment. It restricts the selling price to be "lower" than cost? How does that work?

                  1. re: jrvedivici

                    You understood correctly....only I typed incorrectly what I meant and and made an edit to reflect the proper information.

                    You cannot sell below cost.....which can be done in other states. e.g., a liquidation or clearance on items that do not move quickly and remain on the shelves for a long time.

                    1. re: fourunder

                      Oh, ok, sorry I didn't catch your edit, now it makes perfect sense. Thanks.

          2. So, it's still in court, thanks to A&P and some local residents, and it seems like 2017 is the best case scenario. So sad that a few people can get in the way of something that will be welcomed by many.


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              A&P knows that if Wegman's opens in their turf, they're finished. That's why they're fighting so hard. It's the same reason Ahold/Stop & Shop (the absolute WORST supermarket chain in the area) has been fighting tooth-and-nail to prevent a Shop-Rite from being built behind their store in Wyckoff on the old A&P site. They're REALLY finished if a Shop-Rite opens there.

              Hey, A&P and Stop & Shop: How about you take the money you're spending on legal fees to improve your stores, increase the quality of your products, and lower your prices to 2030s levels? Then you won't have to worry about the competition so much.

              1. re: zhelder

                Yes, A&P can't compete in their stores so they just buy up other chains and bring them down to their level (and sue to keep competitors out in this case). Stop & Shop is actually a fairly nice chain around here, although they're overpriced.

                The lawsuit is similar to what we're seeing in Yorktown, NY, where gas station owners have teamed up with anti-development people to oppose a Costco that wants to open with (you guessed it) a gas station. Just when I thought they had all the approvals, they're now both suing the town over signage approvals given to both Costco and an existing BJ's that got permission to open a gas station of their own.

                I'm sure a Wegman's over there would get a lot of business from Westchester/Rockland shoppers. It's really a shame that it's taking so long.