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Sunday lunch in or near Asian Art Museum [San Francisco]

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Going to the Terracotta Warrior show on May 20. First time to AAM. How's the food at whatever cafe is inside the museum? Or would something nearby be better? Prob a mid afternoon time. We're open to any type
of food. Cathy

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  1. We went to Bodega Bistro for lunch when visiting the Terracotta Warriors and were very happy with that choice. A Chowhound favorite in that neighborhood for very good reason.


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    1. re: mdg

      How far away is that? Few blocks? Does the museum do in/outs?

      1. re: kc72

        It's three or floor easy blocks. A wonderful choice.

        The cafe in the restaurant is best for tea and snacks rather than real meals.

        1. re: kc72

          Bodega Bistro's four shortish blocks. Lers Ros is even closer.

      2. The museum cafe is pretty good. Pricey, like most internal cafes. They use a steam table, but the supplies are refreshed quite often. Limited selection, mostly Asian influenced.

        1. Soluna is very close. I've enjoyed lunch there a couple of times.

          1. i usually just end up at saigon sandwich (or sing sing, depending on your preference). tastes great and hard to beat the price.

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              I was also going to suggest Saigon Sandwich--but was trying to picture where you could have a pleasant "picnic"--on the steps of the museum or wall around it, if I'm visualizing right?

              1. re: sundeck sue

                take it to the park outside of the museum, by city hall

            2. I'd walk up to Hayes Valley for Absinthe's Sunday brunch...

              1. go to Elmira Rosticceria