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Apr 30, 2013 08:50 PM

Hi looking for a nice spot to take my girl for dinner for her bday yonge&eg

there will be about 10 or so people. she likes a lot of salads but thats cuz she always wants to eat healthy. she enjoys eating fish. can anyone help a guy out please? prefer to be in yonge eg area. looking to do things pretty casual.

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  1. I would recommend Zucca Trattoria in that area. Good authentic italian fare. They have a prix fix fromm Sunday to Tuesday which is an amazing value IMO.

    1. You might want to look at Tabule. It is middle eastern with great veg and fish options. Cheap and cheerful with tasty food. They have belly dancers on Sat evenings.

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        Tabule is a great suggestion for healthier dining for a group of 10.

        I'd also consider Grano for a group of 10. They've got several salads, and many vegetable dishes that can be ordered as part of an antipasto platters. They have a couple different rooms that offer semi-private, or somewhat private dining for groups.

        While I love the food at Zucca, it can be really noisy when they have tables of 8-10 in their restaurant. I would think conversation at Zucca would be difficult, if you were sitting at a table for 10.

        1. re: prima

          At Zucca, take a table behind the bar along the south wall. Quieter than the seats along the north wall.

      2. i've been to quince and it's a nice little date-y place.

        1. Get thee to Zucca. The sooner you book a reservation, the better. Terrific salads and fantastic fish. Being an Italian restaurant, there are plenty of healthy options.

          A little down the street from there lives Jaipur Grille. Good Indian fish dishes and a decent wine list too. The salad thing's a little challenging (okay, impossible), but Indian food by nature offers plenty of healthy choices that are also interesting.