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Apr 30, 2013 07:24 PM

Big Mo's Burgers- Toonie (and a half) Tuesday

It was a choice between Czechoski on a coupon and Al Tanoor for shawarma. I chose Al Tanoor. Big Mo has a location just west on Lawrence. There was a big sign, Toonie Tuesday, cheeseburger $2.50. Of course I went in.
Had a cheeseburger, hold the cheese. Refreshingly innocent and unpretentious. Artisanal preparation on a flattop. Nestled in a bun like a (overweight) woman's thighs. $2.50 is all that it is worth to my mind, but it is regularly $5.79. (I would have been really mad at the regular price even though the burger had not been made stupid- as elsewhere.)

I went on to Al Tanoor.The shawarma that I got at Al Tanoor for $3 is worth $12-15 if the cheeseburger costs $5.79. Suggestion, keep going another block and pass Ibrahim.

Life isn't fair in the restaurant business. Surprise?

Anyway Big Mo has another location on Kennedy near Steeles.

I liked the waffle cut "chips" at Big Mo , others didn't.

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  1. Vinnie - I've been to Big Moe's and find it serves the area well, though I wouldn't venture out of my way for it. But at $2.50 their cheeseburger is a steal.
    We had their funnel cakes once and they were actually pretty good, though it's hard to screw up fried dough, topped with ice cream and strawberries lol.

    In terms of Al Tanoor, when I went there last week I didnt find it as good as previous visits.

    My new go-to spot. for the last couple of weeks at least, has been the takeout counter at the back of Wadi Foods grocery store. I actually like their shish tawook and shawarmas - I think it's their addition of tangy baba ghanouj that actually makes the sandwich that much better. It adds a different flavour profile then what we're accustomed to.

    Wadi Foods (formerly Nasr Foods) put up huge signs for $3 sandwiches a few weeks ago, and since then I've been several times. I haven't done a write-up on the place yet, as they're new and a bit inconsistent..

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    1. re: pakmode

      Pakmode, sorry to disagree with you about Wadi Foods. Their
      $3 sandwich is preferable to a Big Mo burger any day of the week, but it is two levels below Al Tanoor.

      The flavouring in the chicken shawarma tasted only of black pepper and harshly so. Not much chicken in it.

      The kebob is whole story.
      First they tried giving me a pre-cooked kebob that was sitting in a pan of fluid. I refused it. So they cooked another on the grill. It was on for a long, long time and there was a whole lot of pressing down with a "flipper". Finally I said please don't over cook, can I have it now. So they gave it to me, leaving others that had been put on the grill at the same time to continue cooking. Mine was still overcooked.
      They rack may have been too low. The flames were coming out of the grill constantly . My kebob tasted strongly of the black soot .

      I expected tastes such as cardamon and cumin, but they weren't there. I don't understand how the taste of the kebob was created, leaving the soot aside. Both items tasted as if prepared by inept beginners.
      The pita was nothing special. If you go, persist in asking for more salads in your sandwich. The turnip is soft and fluorescent in colour. A bad sign. Didn't like the hummous either. Tasted green and sharp instead of nutty and smooth.

      Nothing nice here. But it is hard to make something really bad in this style of cooking, consequently I prefer Wadi to Big Mo but this is not much of a compliment.

      1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

        Like I said, it's been inconsistent.
        I went on the weekend as well and the main guy wasn't there. He's Orthodox, so his staff said he had been off for a few days preparing for Easter.

        In terms of the kofta, it's better in the sauce. It soaks up alot of flavour, and then he grills it for a couple minutes before serving it.

        I usually only get the chicken shish tawook now to be honest. Feels less heavy then the lamb kabob, kofta and shawarma dishes.

      1. Pakmode
        There is a $5 for $10 Groupon I think (check Onespout anyway) for Big Moe funnel cakes.
        Yes you can! There isn't anything that can't be screwed up. For funnel cake - oil which had been used to fry something with a pronounced taste or is just old, cheap ice cream that has been through a couple of cycles, ersatz or minimalist strawberry sauce. We all have " been there and done that" alone or in combination.
        "Tangy" is not a flavour that I associate with babaganough (sp? who cares) " From what does the tangy come?
        What do you think of the waffle cut fried potato slices at BM?
        I will checkout Wadi next time out. Thank you.

        Googs, Pakmode.
        Frankis is much much better (and much less fat in the grind). With Big Moe you wallow in its lowness, but its virtue is that it hasn't been screwed up in the course of pretence. Ain't no pretend at Big Moe. And there isn't the salt dump that I experienced at Burger Priest and Holy Chuck both of whom use the same prep and cooking procedure as BM.
        "Serves the area well" is an insult. There is some good food in the area. But I did notice indigenous (white trash) looking customers at BM who would be attracted to their style of burger.
        For me BM is just food if there is nothing else (pitch half the bun) and $2.50 is it.
        I was told that the Tuesday Toonie and a half special is "permanent".