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Apr 30, 2013 06:39 PM

One Saturday night in Portland for a MEAT eater

We are visiting Portland this time for just one night and taking my meat eating brother out to dinner. I really do not want to go to a restaurant that does NOT take reservations on a Saturday night. That eliminates Ox, Toro Bravo and Tasty and Sons. What do you all think of Laurelhurst Market or Olympic Provisoins. We have been to O.P for lunch. How is Ned Ludd? Any other ideas?

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  1. has a variety of meats coming off their grill, decent wine list AND takes Opentable.

    LM - had some great to very average meats there.
    OP - also very mixed results unfortunately.

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      Thanks for the Nostrana recommendation. Meat plans a good role on their menu! I would like to eat at Le Pigeon, but it does not seems meat focused enough. I have never been. Do you recommend it?

    2. Higgins always has great meat options. Across several animal categories. Sit in the bar. Laurelhurst can be awesome, but the atmosphere can be wanting. If there is no shyness give Kingdom of Roosevelt a shot. Offal. Depends on how meaty you want to get.

      1. I had one of the worst ribeyes ever at Laurelhurst Mkt a couple years ago, would never return, even for free! Have had some very decent beef at Little Bird, but that is not their focus; good chow in any case. Ned Ludd was disappointing in my humble opinion. Look at St. Jack also...