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Apr 30, 2013 06:35 PM

Any reports on Soba Sojibo?!

Asked my reliable Japanese eats source for some soba recommendations the other day and she mentioned a Japanese chain Sojibo in Torrance. As I googled it to come up with more info, I discover that there is also a Sawtelle branch!

Whaaat!? I don't recall any hound mentioning this place and it's been open since November 2012 according to Tony C. I searched CH and there are exactly 2 passing mentions of this place.

Supposedly it's house made soba from a chain from Japan. You'd think there would be more mention of this place!

I know JL has gone. Any reports about the quality of the soba and izakya from anyone else? Maybe people are trying to keep this place off the radar intentionally?

I'll try to hit the Torrance once the next chance I get.

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  1. The current standard model of physics states that it is simply impossible to keep an eatery off the radar on a street like Sawtelle, especially if it occupies the space which formerly housed the beloved Orris.

    I've tried Sojibo twice - the soba there is indeed quite good. I like their other izakaya fare as well. I recommend it.

    Tough to go there more frequently because, well, there's just so many other palate distractions in such close proximity, that's all...

    1. Best soba around so far, and solid, but there is room still for perfection.

      1. How would you guys compare the soba to the likes of I-naba or Otafuku?

        1. chrishei recommended I try it but I haven't made it there yet. Though now that I've crossed the Annex off, I may try to go to this place in the near future.

          1. We were at the Sawtelle branch last week. I'm not a soba expert, but the food was quite good, I recommend it. Of special interest was the vegetarian soba, which features some unusual Japanese vegetables like natta, mountain yam, and something else I've forgotten.

            Soba has a rather austere simplicity to it, so I'm not surprised people don't talk about it as much as ramen.

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            1. re: MarkC

              Soba has a rather austere simplicity to it, so I'm not surprised people don't talk about it as much as ramen.
              That's what I love about soba and udon. That simplicity that requires it to be perfect.

              Eating less and less ramen these days in favor of soba and udon.

              Appreciate the feedback from everyone.