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Apr 30, 2013 06:33 PM

Ice Cream or Dessert with Outside seating? Westchester/Putnam

hey fellow chowhounders, any places to sit down and get dessert with outside seating areas? Looking for (upper)westchester or putnam, let me know thanks everyone!

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  1. For super casual, Blue Pig in Croton has a cute and newly renovated patio area where you can sit and enjoy your toasted almond, fluffernutter, and cannoli ice cream.

    You could also sit outside at Birdsall House's beer garden and enjoy one of their desserts, though I find them a bit high priced.

    1. +1 on Blue Pig! Also - Johnny Gelato in Carmel and Mirabella Gelateria in Mahopac might have outside seating now that it's getting nice out.

      If you don't mind going to mid-northern Westchester, there's definitely outside seating at Main Street Sweets and Lighthouse Ice Cream & Coffee in Tarrytown.

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        I've never been there but Mirabella seems to be a nice place. They're just barely in Mahopac, more like Baldwin Place. Not sure how much outdoor seating they have.

        There's also Bliss Dairy Bar on Route 6 in Mahopac. Never been there, and I cannot find a menu online, but I found something that claimed that they carry Longford's ice cream.

        Of course there is also King Kone in Somers (Route 100 just north of 35). Never been there either, but Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were supposedly spotted there last year.

        1. re: MisterBill2

          Yes - King Kone is completely outdoor seating! I just hope they've got a handle on their bee problem (seems to full-blown in the summer) and have lots of citronella this year. If you're allergic to bees, you definitely put your life in your hands there! I love the ice cream and the old school feel, so I keep going back and bracing myself for unwanted flying visitors at my table!

          1. re: Sra. Swanky

            We were there last week and there were no bees (yet?).

            1. re: Elisa515

              Oh good - the last time I was there was in early September, so summer may be when the bees come out. Hopefully not though! It will never keep me or my kids from King Kone! :o)

      2. For ice cream, JJ's Scoophouse in Yorktown Heights and Abbots Frozen Custard in Shrub Oak both have pleasant outdoor seating.

        For more dessert options, some restaurants wirh nice outdoor areas in the area are Birdsall House in Peekskill (as noted above), Justin Thyme in Croton, Lexington Square in Mt Kisco. I suppose one can go to any of those just for dessert.

        1. Jean-Jacques in Pleasantville has outdoor seating (and great desserts).

          The gelato place in Ossining--look for the sign for Ossining Pizzeria--has some outdoor seating, and a few other desserts besides the delicious gelato.

          1. You could go nice and old-school at the Red Rooster, in Brewster. Play around of crazy golf while you're at it!