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Apr 30, 2013 06:26 PM

Food recos in/around Vevey/Montreux

hi hounds,

hubby is going to be in the vevey/montreux area for two weeks at the end of may. sadly, i'm not going with him!

anyway, he'll be attending a series of meetings so breakfast/lunch are taken care of. however, he will be on his own for all dinners and also one full weekend.

i'm the type-a trip planner in this family and hubby is a happy travel companion - he'll pretty much do and/or eat anything/everything. so, am hoping to be able to use the wisdom of chowhounders and give him some ideas before he goes.

he spent a few days in vevey last year and went to poyet (WOW!) and a handful of restaurants.

hubby will be staying at:

Hostellerie "Bon Rivage", Route de Saint-Maurice, La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland

would appreciate any food-related recos ... restaurants, specialty retailers (he's definitely going back to poyet!), and general stores (where does one get groceries to stock a hotel room?).

thanks SO much!

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  1. See this thread on Istria. Also, plug it into the search engine.


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      ummm, not sure i get it. what am i missing?

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        I just noticed I posted to the wrong thread. I'm sorry. Now to find the right one.

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          oh, okay! thanks for clarifying!

          anyone out there with any answers to my post?


    2. he shldn't miss the farmers' market in Vevey on Saturday - on the big square within sight of the lake, great local produce including dinky little fresh goat's cheeses from Serge & Claude-Lise Lenoir - with some of those and some of Poyet's bread and pastries, he can hunker down in his hotel room and gorge :-)

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        thank you! the market is definitely on the list ... as is a return trip to poyet! :)

        any resto recos for the area?


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          From a contact at the TO Vevey-Montreux-Lavaux (and a serious foodie)

          In Montreux:
          La Rouvenaz, Italian
          Le Muséum, typical Swiss
          Le 45 of hôtel suisse majestic - great views

          In Glion:
          La Grange d'Antoine, Hôtel Victoria

          In Grandvaux in the vineyards:
          Auberge de la Gare, very nice

          In Chexbres:
          Le Baron Tavernier and the Deck, with a beautiful terrasse.

          In Vevey:
          Café des négociants
          Hostellerie de Genève

          Gastronomic [i.e. gourmet]:
          Auberge de l'Onde in St. Saphorin

          Molecular cuisine:
          Denis Martin in Vevey

          Don't know any of them myself (we're up near Basel), but it's a start - have your husband ask around and see what the reaction is. Pls wish him bon appétit!

          PS we await his report :-)

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            thank you SO much for these recos!

            hubby's not on CH but i'll make sure i get his feedback and report back!!