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Apr 30, 2013 06:26 PM

Food recos in/around Vevey/Montreux

hi hounds,

hubby is going to be in the vevey/montreux area for two weeks at the end of may. sadly, i'm not going with him!

anyway, he'll be attending a series of meetings so breakfast/lunch are taken care of. however, he will be on his own for all dinners and also one full weekend.

i'm the type-a trip planner in this family and hubby is a happy travel companion - he'll pretty much do and/or eat anything/everything. so, am hoping to be able to use the wisdom of chowhounders and give him some ideas before he goes.

he spent a few days in vevey last year and went to poyet (WOW!) and a handful of restaurants.

hubby will be staying at:

Hostellerie "Bon Rivage", Route de Saint-Maurice, La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland

would appreciate any food-related recos ... restaurants, specialty retailers (he's definitely going back to poyet!), and general stores (where does one get groceries to stock a hotel room?).

thanks SO much!

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  1. See this thread on Istria. Also, plug it into the search engine.

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    1. re: shoo bee doo

      ummm, not sure i get it. what am i missing?

      1. re: lilaki

        I just noticed I posted to the wrong thread. I'm sorry. Now to find the right one.

        1. re: shoo bee doo

          oh, okay! thanks for clarifying!

          anyone out there with any answers to my post?


    2. he shldn't miss the farmers' market in Vevey on Saturday - on the big square within sight of the lake, great local produce including dinky little fresh goat's cheeses from Serge & Claude-Lise Lenoir - with some of those and some of Poyet's bread and pastries, he can hunker down in his hotel room and gorge :-)

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      1. re: Sue Style

        thank you! the market is definitely on the list ... as is a return trip to poyet! :)

        any resto recos for the area?


        1. re: lilaki

          From a contact at the TO Vevey-Montreux-Lavaux (and a serious foodie)

          In Montreux:
          La Rouvenaz, Italian
          Le Muséum, typical Swiss
          Le 45 of hôtel suisse majestic - great views

          In Glion:
          La Grange d'Antoine, Hôtel Victoria

          In Grandvaux in the vineyards:
          Auberge de la Gare, very nice

          In Chexbres:
          Le Baron Tavernier and the Deck, with a beautiful terrasse.

          In Vevey:
          Café des négociants
          Hostellerie de Genève

          Gastronomic [i.e. gourmet]:
          Auberge de l'Onde in St. Saphorin

          Molecular cuisine:
          Denis Martin in Vevey

          Don't know any of them myself (we're up near Basel), but it's a start - have your husband ask around and see what the reaction is. Pls wish him bon appétit!

          PS we await his report :-)

          1. re: Sue Style

            thank you SO much for these recos!

            hubby's not on CH but i'll make sure i get his feedback and report back!!

      2. Lilaki, my husband is doing the same thing this summer (is your hubby with Nestle?). How was his trip and does he have any advice after his experiences, especially the food choices?
        All the Best!

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        1. re: sophiejj

          hi sophie,

          it's been a couple of years and hubby's memory is already foggy on the best days. :)

          he remembers going to le chalet with colleagues; he liked it and said the views were incredible. a colleague took him to a restaurant outside of vevey but he doesn't remember the name. :(

          he got take out from a local chinese restaurant - nothing remarkable (we have amazing chinese food in toronto!).

          he picked up chocolates at poyet ... now, THOSE were amazing.

          grocery stores were all closed by the time he was out of meetings (everything seemed to close VERY early) so he was never able to stock up on anything. yikes.

          sorry i couldn't be of more help!