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Apr 30, 2013 05:36 PM

Indonesian Food Bazaar on Sat, May 18

Just got word of an Indonesian Food Bazaar at a church in Forest Hills on May 18 from 12 to 3. Don't know any more about it than that. This is not the monthly food bazaar at the mosque, obviously. The flyer has pretty pictures:

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  1. There will be traditional, peranakan & dutch influence Indonesian food. Some pork & offal dishes will be available too.

    1. Yesterday I received a menu of sorts, more like a list-in-progress of 80+ items expected to be served across a dozen tables. My short list of dishes to try:

      Lumpia Semarang – spring rolls w/ bamboo shoots filling
      Bakcang ayam – Peranakan’s sticky rice w/ chicken & mushroom filling
      Lalampa – grilled sticky rice stuffed with spicy minced fish
      Ngo hiang babi – Peranakan’s fried ground pork wrapped in a thin dough
      Ngo hiang udang - Peranakan’s fried ground shrimp roll
      Sate Padang – beef & tongue satay with Padangnese special gravy
      Tahu campur Lamongan – tofu, beef, and cassava fritter with shrimp paste flavored gravy (traditional Lamongan, East Java dish)
      Nasi liwet Solo – Solo style coconut rice w/ chicken & spicy chayote curry
      Kue ku rasa pandan – steamed rice cake stuffed with mung beans
      Serabi kuah santan durian – rice pancake + coconut milk & durian gravy

      Dave Cook

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        Hah - you won't get the pork dishes at the mosque or, I guess, any of the peranakan dishes (= Indonesian of Chinese descent). Just a warning that the Sate Padang at the mosque is all beef muscle, no tongue or offal, which it's supposed to be. At least one of the cooks will be the same as at the mosque, but I don't know what she'll be making.

        Nice list!

        1. re: geckoFeet

          The sate Padang I had at the mosque at the final iteration last summer was made with tongue. They weren't there last month.

          1. re: Peter Cuce

            Huh. Thanks for the, um, is "heads up" the right expression?

          2. re: geckoFeet

            That sate vendor is actually working a split table, one of several; his or her tablemate will be serving nasi goreng babat (tripe fried rice) as well as Coffee Domba from Bali.

            Dave Cook