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Apr 30, 2013 05:33 PM

Dany Bolduc

Any idea where he landed after he left Reservoir?

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  1. Yep!! :) Dany will be back in few weeks in HIS restaurant at St-Henri ... Still be patient..!!!

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    1. re: MlleJuju

      Coming in late June, early July. Please let me know when you have an address. Don't want to wait another year!

        1. re: MlleJuju

          I can already taste the bacon caramel sauce.

      1. re: MlleJuju

        We're coming up next week. Any idea if Dany will be open?

        1. re: gprecourt

          I think that Dany will be open around July 20...

          1. re: MlleJuju

            Darn. We're going to miss him. Leaving Montreal on July 2. He's not interested in a very, very soft opening, is he? We'd be a willing test audience.

      2. H4C will open mid-august.
        Follow them on Twitter : @LeH4C

        1. H4C Place St-Henri ( is now open. Dany is back, in his own kitchen this time!

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          1. re: Janban

            nice of him to include an english menu