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Apr 30, 2013 04:11 PM

Need Barcelona advice!

Need advice for a 7 night trip to Barcelona in Mid May. I already know that we cannot get into Tickets. I’m looking for the best creative flavor of Barcelona however I do have some dietary restrictions, which I do realize, may make it difficult. I do not eat any meat but I'm also highly allergic to shellfish (can eat other fish). I’d love a mix of the new creative or molecular AND some really great traditional Catalan. Also, the best tapas after Tickets. So far, I booked Cal Pep and Ca l’lsidre.

Others that I culled from postings are:
Moo Restaurant
Cinq Sentits
Sauc (heard that its not as good since it moved to Ohla Hotel)
Can Gaig
Paco Meralgo. Tapas
Ot ? is this still open
Casa Calvet
La Mar Salada
La Estrella

Has anyone been to Sesamo – a vegetarian? Also, want to know about El Quatre Gats and Espai Sucre with a dessert tasting menu.

Thanks for any help I can get to narrow down

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  1. I would also like to know.

    1. I recently had a fab meal at Alkimia - I had the tasting menu at lunchtime, without the one meat course (they reduced the price accordingly). They take note of your allergies, which you can type in on their web booking system. They do a dish called 'peas and onions' which is sublime, and the cod with green beans is stunning.

      1. I don't see how you could have booked Cal Pep, since to the best of my knowledge they don't accept reservations. It was our favorite place in Barcelona. We also enjoyed Paco Meralgo; I don't know if they take reservations. If not, go at an off hour. Hisop was excellent.

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          Paco Meralgo does take reservations. Cal Pep also but only for their back dining room.

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            What is the difference between the back dining room where Cal Pep does take reservations and other parts of the restaurant? And, yes,you are correct - they did not take my reservation.

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              To the best of my knowledge Cal Pep only takes back room reservations for fairly large groups, maybe 8 or more. We went late one evening, stood in line for over an hour and then gave up. We went back the next evening a little earlier, a little less hungry, stood in line for a good 40 minutes and had a fabulous meal.

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                One of the main reason to go to Cal Pep is to eat at the counter and watch the show. The food is the same for both rooms. The back room is rarely full, therefore, there is usually a table if you just drop by. The counter is another story. Get there about 30 minutes before it opens and you should be able to get a seat. If you come right after the first seating, there will be a long long wait and almost impossible to sit together if you are more than a party of 2. Given your diet restrictions, I don't see a point going there. The best things that they do are clams with bits of chorizo, shrimp with garlic, rice and egg dishes with seafood/shellfish, a steak; frequently, they'll have a whole fish cooked a la plancha.
                The show at the PacoMeralgo counter is almost as good but no Pep to entertain you. They take reservations for tables only but those tables are not in Siberia. If you don't eat meat or shellfish, I don't see a point of going there. The best they do are clams with bits of chorizo, shrimp with lots of garlic, a good steak, rice dish and egg dishes with shellfish/seafood. Frequently they will have a whole fish cooked a la plancha which fits your diet restriction. They have a large printed menu but I have never seen it used. Everyone seems to be eating the same 8 to 10 dishes that the waiters recommend.

            2. Forget Tickets. Not all that great despite the hype. Best dinner? Go for Alkimia, if you can get a table. They will accommodate your issues. And you will be very very happy.

              1. I second bcc. Hisop was excellent. Not in your list up there, but we enjoyed Tapeo very much too. We also went to Quimet&Quimet and had a great time standing around eating. Quirky, fun place. But I must add, the food they serve is probably not really up everyone's alley.