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Apr 30, 2013 02:18 PM

Sunday Dinner for 12 people in Lima

I'm traveling with a group of 12 people to Lima and I'm looking for a place to get dinner on Sunday night. We're staying in Miraflores so I'd prefer to stay relatively near there.

I'd like a place that serves traditional Peruvian food in a casual atmosphere. We're doing Astrid y Gaston the night before, so I'd like something that's different from that experience. Not so much concerned with cost, just would rather have a broader range of experiences in our short time visiting Lima.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

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  1. Turns out this is a pretty tough request.

    I did find one creole style restaurant called Jose Antonio that opens on Sundays, but it opens at 7:30PM (as far as I can tell) which was too late for my group that wanted to head to the Magic Water Circuit after dinner.

    After searching around for a while we ended up going to Al Fresco on the recommendation of the hotel. It was able to accommodate us very well and offered a wide variety of coastal Peruvian classics like tiraditos, jalea, and and grilled octopus. The food was solid all around and pretty affordable. My group left very happy. I thought I'd share the info since there are so few restaurants open on Sunday nights.