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Apr 30, 2013 01:11 PM

Greenwich area

Hi folks- Any suggestions for a 40th birthday bash in the Stamford/Greenwich area? Private room preferable, aware of Tarry Lodge and Gabriele's. Many thanks...

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  1. Not sure what your budget is...would you consider L'Escale at The Delamar?

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    1. re: MRS

      Hi yes, it's actually on my list to contact. Thank you, do you have any others suggestions?

    2. I know Columbus Park has a private room upstairs, food is always good. Bar Rosso also has a room upstairs.

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      1. re: InderB

        I'm familiar with BR, but will investigate Columbus Park. I love Napa, but I think it's too small and oddly attached to the Courtyard...thank you...

      2. Dear RFS,

        It seem like you have the fancy places covered, so I want to suggest some of the others.

        Columbus Park is not as fancy as some of the top end places mentioned on this thread, but it is a nice atmosphere and the food in great.

        Another nice option in my opinion is Brasitas. The have a private room upstairs. Brasitas (Spanish / Latin food) is more of a local place, but great food and sangria. It has gotten many great NY times reviews. Upstairs is nice and separate from the rest of the restaurant.

        Other places with Private Rooms are Ferrante and Mitchell’s Fish Market.

        Good luck with it

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        1. re: InderB

          Thank you, I sound awfully picky now ;). I am calling Columbus Park today, thank you!

        2. In Stamford there is Napa & Co, Capital Grille (great service!). A little further out Elm in New Canaan (best food in the area).

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          1. re: stevel

            Yes I called Napa and am thinking about CG, though I don't fancy chains. I will investigate Elm...thank you!

            1. re: RSFmom

              I'm not a fan of chains either but Capital Grille does a great job.

              1. re: stevel

                Okay you've convinced me, I am calling them for specs :), thank you again...