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Apr 30, 2013 12:05 PM

Catering Need - Cheese and Salumi

I need to cater a work party for about 100 people. I'm looking for a good deli/caterer/market that can do beautiful and good cheese and salumi/proscuitto/olive boards. Does anyone have any good recommendations? Much appreciated!

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  1. Surfas does a great job. Ask to speak to David

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    1. I use The Cheese Store in Beverly HIlls.

      Besides the impressive varieties of cheese from all over the world they cater all types of different specialty items. I've never been disappointed and the entire staff is very easy to work with.

      1. thanks to both of you - i will check them out.

        1. You might check with Wally's Cheese Box as well to see what they could do for your soiree.

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              I know that David at Surfas does not work on Tues or Wed. Suggest calling on Thurs. His platters are more beautiful than any others. He is the "go to" guy for the studios in CC (Sony, etc). His platters are truly a work of art. His knowledge of cheese is unparalleled. His knowledge of wine and cheese pairings is legendary.