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Apr 30, 2013 11:56 AM

Upper East side Indian

We made a last minute trip to visit Hunter College. Our daughter wants Indian. Any suggestions within walking distance or short cab ride of Park Ave and 69th? Outdoor seating would be a plus.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hop on the subway - 4 and 6 trains go down Lexington - and you'll be in Curry Hill.

    I like Bhatti Grill
    100 Lexington Ave
    (between 27th St & 28th St)

    1. My Favorite Moti Mahal is on 63rd and 1st. Great food and relatively close to you.

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        Moti Mahal is a solid choice in the area. A little further up, Om is another UES favorite.

      2. For more than 20 years Agra has been a favorite of my Indian-loving friends (and UN personnel). It's on Lexington between 62 and 63, on the East side of the street--but it's upstairs (2nd floor) so you have to look for the sign. Prices are very reasonable for very high quality (and they serve wine and beer).

        1. Mumtaz in the 80's( 83/84) on York would fit the bill. They have outdoor seating and the food delicious and reasonable. Very nice staff as well.The used to be located on 3rd Ave.

          1. Thanks for all the great recommendations! Unfortunately my wife ultimately vetoed Indian and we ended up eating at Uva (Italian). We sat in the garden area which was fantastic. Food was very good but not great. Pastas were well made but we thought a bit under-seasoned. Highlights though were the Asparagus soup and the Polenta Tarfutata (Polenta filled with Robiola cheese & black Truffle Sauce).

            We'll definitely sample the Indian recommendations in the future!