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Apr 30, 2013 11:55 AM

Bachelor Party Breakfast at 9 AM with alcohol


I am helping to plan a friend's bachelor party. As an out-of-towner, I am looking for a place for a 9 AM brunch on a Saturday. We will be leaving for a 6 hour brewery tour at 10 AM. The ideal place would take reservations for 9 AM and serve alcohol. Our friend lives in the Haight, but we are willing to have the "meet-up" anywhere that is central SF. The ideal place would be able to get us in and out in an hour!


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  1. Are you inflexible on the 10am time, and if so, where are you leaving from?

    The best choice is the Red Door Cafe, if they'll have you. There are penises on the table and the food's great. However the owner has a lot of attitude and if you're just another drunken batchelorette thing you might get turned away. I'm serious, they keep it FUNKY by being selective, and it's a really really small place.

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    1. re: bbulkow

      i don't think they serve alcohol. also everything costs about $5 more than it should.

      1. re: vulber

        You're right about the full bar. I think the price was worth the quality and fun factor. YMMV.

        Cafe Flore - fun, but not that fast - get there at 8:30

        Cafe de le Presse - more french and cheesy than american breakfast cheesy

        Grand Cafe isn't terribly dumb

        Original Joe's might fit the vibe

        Sears Fine Food gets mixed board reports, never been

        .... marketbar's a very decent idea.

        1. re: bbulkow

          Sears Fine Food is pretty much just a branch of Lori's Diner.

          Original Joe's is a good idea. I had no idea they opened that early.

    2. Gosh,
      I'd suggest putting off drinking until the brewery tour, which you are likely to enjoy completely sober, and likely the tour will conclude with a tasting. Just my two sips.

        1. Zazie in Cole Valley is probably closest. Brunch starts at 8a and they serve mimosas.

          1. We will be picked up from wherever we are for breakfast. I just have a feeling someone in the party may want a bloody mary!
            I'll take a look at these places. We also will be returning back to the city for dinner. Any recs that are good for small parities and vegetarians?


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                How big is your party?

                Breakfast at popular places are unpredictable. Zazie, and pretty much any brunch place that doesn't take reservations, will have a line, even at earlier hours. The other issue is that you want to be in by 9, out by 10. That assumes the restaurant can handle you quickly, and that your party will all arrive on time. You might consider picking up food at Haight Street market (coffee, okay but not great pastries, whatnot) and convening at your friend's place.

              2. re: chadradchad

                Marketbar is huge and should have lots of space when they open at 9am. If you get picked up and dropped off there, you could go to Plant Cafe for dinner.