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Apr 30, 2013 11:38 AM

Helps! Lunch for an Sunday Afternoon Baptism?

We are looking for a place to have a nice lunch for about 10-12 people on a Sunday after noon. We wanted to eat at henrietta's table but they estimated about 60$ per person, which is way too many monies for new parents.

We prefer to stay near our church in Somerville but are willing to try Cambridge, Arlington or Medford)

I have never understood the brunch fad that seems popular in this area (cambridge/somerville) but think that may have been a factor in that estimation.


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  1. Our fav is East Cost Grill in Inman Sq. A lot of fun and great seafood and latin inspired dishes.They would take a reserva for a group your size. very popular/open til 3pm.
    Highland Kitchen is also popular.

    In Harv Sq maybe Park or Russell House Tavern (sister restnts.)

    1. In Somerville, look at Istanbu'lu's menu. I like the food, the people are very nice, and it isn't pricey.

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        Istanbul'lu is a great idea, or Sabur (also nearby), a little more atmosphere in the room.

      2. Prices for brunch at Russell House in Davis, Abigails in Kendall Sq., Temple Bar bet. Harvard and Porter, Independent in Union and Tryst in Arl. are all about $8-15 per entree. I think they all take reservations.