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Apr 30, 2013 11:38 AM

quickie trip report for Calgary

Was in Calgary for the Comic Expo this past weekend and had a few food highlights.

Home Tasting Room:
Arctic Char on risotto - crispy fish skin and creamy risotto was a good combo
dessert special - chocolate mousse with Kirsch cherries - I liked that the cherries gave a bit of a kick but didn't drown you in alcohol

Holy Grill food truck:
steak bites with parm fries - the sauce they give you with this is delicious, would have liked more cheese shavings

Li-Ao Sushi:
very good service, good quality rolls (I even liked one that had cream cheese on it and I ususally hate those), sashimi slices are gigantic

I fell in love with the mac and cheese. Crispy top, lots of stringy cheese, and creamy inside. I think I like this version better than the one I had at Farm a while back. There was a problem with the dessert (sorbet was frozen solid) but they gave me a discount to apologize.

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  1. Thanks Anonymoose, I live here and have yet to try any of those places. Well, except Thompson's but haven't been in years.