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Apr 30, 2013 11:23 AM

OK, call me crazy!

I like to play with my food. I also like Kosher dill pickles. When the last pickle is gone, what to do with the pickle juice? Discarding edible or potable food is not my style. I follow the dictum of Mario Batali that Italians to not waste anything that can be safely ingested.

Today for lunch I concocted a potable that was composed of equal parts of dill pickle juice and tomato juice, and a few shakes of hot sauce. The drink was a great accompaniment to my sandwich of Italian cold cuts.

Eccola! (not Voila!) It tasted great. If you are a devotee of dill pickles and you find yourself with leftover pickle juice, try the concoction.

I researched the internet for the beneficial effects of pickle juice before making the drink. The information was encouraging that there was some merit to drinking pickle juice. That was something that the Philadelphia Eagles started several seasons ago.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. re: Uncle Bob

        Uncle Bob, I like that idea! ;)

        Wonder how it would taste with cornichon juice...

        1. re: Uncle Bob

          Don't think that I haven't thought about it! It was too early in the day for me. Maybe later...

          1. You're crazy!! j/k

            We go through large quantities of pickles and I typically put spears of other veggies in the juice, refrigerate for a few days, and eat. Carrot and cucumber spears work especially well.

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            1. re: tcamp

              I was planning to use the juice to make 3 bean salad. I even bought the beans for it.

              1. re: ChiliDude

                i love three bean salad! now you can get frozen, uncut wax and green beans together!

            2. I save the juice and use it in a mustard "slather" for smoked pork butts/shoulders.

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              1. I have gotten into the habit of saving dill pickle juice and adding it to stews and salads such as macaroni. There's a lot of flavor in there. Not so sure about the health benefits, I assume it's mostly salt?

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