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Apr 30, 2013 09:46 AM

3 nights in Nice...need restaurant recommendations

My husband and I will be traveling to Nice in 2 weeks for 3 nights and need some help choosing some dinner spots. We get in later on Friday so want something more low key, but Saturday want to go somewhere more upscale, but not outrageously priced (~$200-$300 meal including drinks). Also, would love to have dinner over looking the ocean one night if possible. We do not have a set budget for each meal, just looking for really good food and wine!

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  1. To deal with the dinner overlooking the sea first - Nice does not do California sea-view dining. About the only place for maritime up-scale dining are the Meridian Hotel (not bad by all accounts, but haven't dined there myself) and Le Reserve de Nice, on the far side of the Old Port. This is in a charming Belle Epoque building, but is vastly overpriced. There are beach restaurants with feet-in-galet eating, but the food can be hit-and-miss and it will probably not be warm enough to chance night dining. If you really want that experience, take a taxi to Villefranche and eat at L'Oursin Bleu at the port.(About 50-60 euros round trip; the 1 euro bus stops running at 8pm).
    The two more up-scale and imaginative options are:
    Le Flaveur: 24 Rue Gubernatis (04 93 62 53 95). Run by two brothers, Michelin *, menus at 65 (3 courses, no choice) or 80 euros (6 courses tasting), wine not included. Open Tues-Fri.
    Le Bistro Gourmand: Rue Desboutin (04 82 14 55 55) Menus at 35 (3 courses, 2 choices each) and 55 euros (3 courses, 3 choices each), and Saturdday only a 4-course menu at 55 euros. Michelin *; more classical in feel, less experimental than above.
    For the Nicoise experience:
    Le Cote Marais: 4 Rue du Pontin (04 93 80 95 39) in the heart of the Old Town. Very small, must reserve. No credit cards, but Mama's home cooking; around 30 euros a head, without wine.
    Taverna di Pulcinela: 16 Rue Marechel Joffre (04 93 88 48 74) Italian-French influences of husband-wife team shine through. Especially excellent fish - more expensive than above, but can split dishes. About 50 a head without wine.
    Two wine popular bar/Nicoise-style tapas joints:
    Cave d'Origin: 3 Rue Dalpozzo (04 03 50 09 60). Run by young woman traiteur; interesting charcuterie and small dishes accompanied by wines by bottle or glass.
    Alto: 21 Rue Barla (09 52 11 58 18) Eclectic dishes and decor. 28 euros for 5 small plates and a glass of wine in the evening.

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      Thank you so much for the recommendations! I will look into all these...sounds perfect for what we are looking for!