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Apr 30, 2013 09:19 AM

Solo Dinner in downtown

I'm in town for one night and staying at the Marriot Renaissance in downtown Phoenix and am looking for a good dinner/bar recommendations. Preferably something within walking distance or a short cab ride. A place with local flavor or mexican or a steak house (preferably non chain) would be preferred. I'll be eating alone so being able to sit at the bar and eat would be my first choice. Also, something on the more upscale side of things. After dinner planning to get a few drinks, are there any good bars in that area, maybe a craft cocktail type place. Thanks!

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  1. The Blue Hound at Hotel Palomar is exactly that, Haney's Pub is wonderful as well, or for a touch of Ireland The Turf. ReBar is good as well, nice patio, but a more clubbish

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      + 1 on The Blue Hound. The food is excellent as are the drinks.

    2. Gallo Blanco is a good Mexican option.

        1. For a good steak, you can lightrail it to Stockyards. I've grown to like it more than Durant's and it's lower priced. If dining solo, you'd probably be most comfortable eating in the lounge/bar area.
          As mentioned, Blue Hound fits the bill as long it's during service time. If you go during the afternoon, they only offer the bar menu which is not up to par.
          You might also like the Arrogant Butcher, which is one building over from Blue Hound.
          I would steer clear of Turf, unless you like pre-made food delivered nightly to the back door by the Sysco truck.

          1. Thanks for the recommendations! I ended up grabbing a few drinks at the Angry Butcher and then had drinks and dinner at the Blue Hound. Both places were excellent! I was very impressed with the cocktail scene at both restaurants and the short ribs at Blue Hound were amazing. I will definitely be back next time i'm in phoenix.

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              If you like the cocktail scene and want to come back next year, check Arizona Cocktail Week. Great little festival of tasting and craft spirit promotion. I had a really good time this year. Usually in /april.