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Apr 30, 2013 08:54 AM

Supper club & social dining enthusiasts in London area

Hey guys,

Just joined this community, I must say you got a sweet spot over here! :)

I will be moving to London soon and since I am a supper club afficionado, I was wondering whether there is an offline/online community for enthusiasts like me.

I know there is a tone of supper club blogs out there, but is there a reference community where all gather and/or get informed? Offline or mostly online?

Thanks in advance y'all!


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  1. What's a supper club? Like having strangers over to eat and then going to their house?

    If so you're going to love Come Dine with Me on Channel 4 -- it's a horrid show about horrid people going to each others horrid homes for meals and rating them. HORRID EH

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      When I was young, a supper club was something like a nightclub... with entertainment, meals etc. It had nothing to do with people like the ones on Come Dine With Me. I have a feeling that JeanTimbaud means groups that get together and not what I remember. Geez, I feel old at times!

    2. There are loads in London, they've even been written up in the Guardian:

      I've been to one here and have been meaning to go to this gluten free one, they just book up so quickly:

      There are also quite a few pop up dining locations these days, which I tend to hear more about - easier to review I guess.

      1. Google will help the OP find the relevent supper club websites. Not living in London, I'm not able to make a recommendation ( the site I used to use for my part of the UK - - now seems to have disappeared.)

        BrokenT - yes, it's like having strangers over to eat. I've only done dinner once at a supper club but really enjoyed it - although havnt been in a rish to go back. Here's what I thought of it back in 2011 -

        1. Hi Jean, this website is good for a list of supper clubs and pop ups


          1. Thanks everybody for your answers!

            It seems like there is a HUGE thing going on judging by visiting the links shared here. It gave me a complete overview of the scene and I will share my experiences with you as soon as I go to my first London supper!

            Also, another thing I hear a lot of buzz about are food startups (?) where you can find home-cooked meals or local chefs to do that for you. People told me that Housebites ( is a good choice but the service appears not to be offered any more.

            Any other similar web or mobile application based options suggested/tried?

            Once again thanks!


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            1. re: JeanTimbaud

              Last minute update! Among others, I found this new online catering service:

              Looks good but it's still in private beta. Also learned they are already pretty big in Greece (!). :P