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Apr 30, 2013 08:51 AM

Mother's Day Brunch - Monmouth County

Looking to take Mom to brunch, need some good recs. nice, but not bank-breaking. Any suggestions? The following are either already sold out or I have reservations already to hold a spot, so any suggestions other than these would be great:

Molly Pitcher, Red Bank
The Mill, Spring Lake
Fromeigere, Rumson

Any advice would be great!!! I know I'm down to the wire already! :-(

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  1. I've got special plans that don't entail any of these 3 which are wonderful places. You may want to also consider the Shadowbrook as well. Call to see what they've got going.

    I'll let you know how I make out at the end of that day.

    1. About a week ago I tried calling a few places and found that everyplace was at least $40 pp without alcohol and most were already sold out. I immediately decided that I would make brunch at my house.

      1. Every year my sons make brunch for me...simple but great!

        For many years , we would go to brunch and take my MIL...most places were crowded, rushed and not that good.

        Another suggestion is to take her out for Mother's Day celebration but not on the actual day.

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          Heh.. I do most of the cooking anyway, so it's not like my wife can use the excuse that she doesn't want to cook on Mother's Day.

          A few years ago, we went looking for a place. EVERY restaurant on Rt. 9 had a line coming out the door. We ended up at Cheeburger. Practically had the place to ourselves, and had a fun meal. :)