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Apr 30, 2013 04:01 AM



I'm a new member. I'm not exactly a new cook. I've been cooking for many years, but don't feel like I'm a "good" cook. I can do the basics, but mostly I have problems with picking and cooking meat so that it's tender. I have my best success with the crock pot. I'd also like to learn how to cook so I'm not in the kitchen for two hours during the week after I get home from work, cause that's just not going to happen!

Looking forward to the community here. '


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    1. Hello and Welcome to you, kjacksons! You've come to the right place and posted on the right board so ask your questions and we'll be glad to help you to become a better cook. Many of the home cooks here are working parents so know what it's like to have to get dinner on the table in short order. Also, simply reading the various cooking threads will give you a start.

      1. Hi. You can get lots of information here. As for dinners you could make your work a little easier by doing some prep on the weekends.

        There is a series "fast food my way" with Jacque Pepin. There is probably an official website but I watched many of the episodes on YouTube. He cooks full meals pretty much in half an hour. You might be able to pick up some tips from that.

        Good luck :)

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          Fast Food My Way by Jacques Pepin is a super book for quick & easy meals. I've cooked many recipes from this book with great success.

          Another is a Nigel Slater book called, Real Fast Food. And this book too is wonderful. I've cooked practically every recipe and have loved everything. It's even easier than the Pepin book. This is what Mr. Slater says about his book, "Real Fast Food was conceived as nothing more than a little book of ideas for making yourself something nice to eat when you come in from work." Perfect for the busy home cook.

          Here's a link to recipes from the Pepin book:

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            I totally agree about Fast Food My Way. There's another show on PBS called Sara Moulton's Weeknight Meals that I like. I'm not in love with her techniques always (she's certainly no Jacques Pepin!), but I think the recipes are decent -- especially as basis to customize or add to.


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              agree about Jacque P's idea. I taped his show by same name until it went off the air. found it interesting.

          2. Welcome to CH. If you familiarize yourself with the search function of this site, you will find many discussions of slow cooker recipes, quick meals, meat selection, etc. Use the advanced search option to tailor your searches.

            You will get the greatest number of replies if, when posting a new discussion, you word your title to indicate what information you are seeking.

            1. welcome. If you have specific questions, please post here or make another thread.