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Apr 30, 2013 03:16 AM

Bakeries, coffee, lunch near Peachtree Plaza ??

I am an out of towner just spending 2 nights and a day at the Hyatt in the center of downtown. Son is in the National History Bee and I need to escape the Hotel once in a while to find some good food on the 1st of June !!!

I havent been to Atlanta in 20 years and all I recall is that the heart of downtown seems to roll up @ 5 pm. Are there any good food options near the Hyatt Regency ?? Probably lunch yes but dinner no ??
Any pubs with decent food? Dont mind walking a mile or so if need be.
We wont really have much free time, was thinking of trying to get him to the Ballpark after the History Bee, is there decnt public transit to Turner Field from Downtown?

Thanks all !

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  1. Downtown isn't super vibrant, but no doubt much more so than 20 years ago. Alma Cocina and White Oak Kitchen are within walking distance. Ted's Montana Grill and Der Biergarten are a little further away, but probably still doable. Landmark Diner is a serviceable diner, also a bit of a walk, but doable. Search on here for "downtown" and you'll find several existing posts.

    Braves shuttle:

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Thanks Dawg !
      For food and transit reccomendations.
      White Oak looks interesting, may give that a try. Is it a chain? I see there is one in Houston also ??
      I am sure my son will be up for Fried Chicken after a hard day of racking his brain.

      Thanks again

      1. re: beandog

        I don't think White Oak is a chain, but I'm not sure. I didn't realize there was a similarly named place in Houston.

    2. Meehan's next door to the Westin is a good choice for pub food.

      There are also a number of lunch spots at Broad Street, including Dua for vietnamese and Rosa's Pizza.

      1. Broad street is easy walking (~4 blocks) and has tons of lunch options, which as you correctly recall all close around 5:00.

        For dinner, Ted's is an easy walk too, though a bit further. Very close are Alma Cocina, White Oak, Meehan's, Ray's in the City and Sweet Georgia Juke Joint. Ray's would be the pricier, fancier steakhouse option and I hear good things about the Juke Joint pulled pork, but haven't tried it yet. I really like Alma Cocina, though it costs more than you'd expect for Mexican (but worth it, IMHO).

        MARTA is easy getting to Turner Field - the Peachtree Center train station is right next to/under your hotel, but you only take it 1 stop so it's probably just as easy to walk 6 blocks to Five Points Station if the weather is nice. Then there's a shuttle from Five Points that takes you to the field.