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Apr 30, 2013 12:43 AM

Wild Boar bacon

Where can i find the best wild boar bacon and special flavours of bacon in Surrey,Vancouver or online please? If you're recommending an online shop, please let me know about your personal experiences/reviews please.. its a gift for a friend and i want it to be the best bacon ever.

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  1. I am going to have to recommend Hills Foods they are located in coquitlam but man oh man do they have an extensive line up of game. Now I have tried there wild boar and it is quite tasty so give them up a ring or just check them out I highly recommend it!

    1. The butcher on w10th has wild boar bacon. The stuff from hills is actually pretty oily. The wild boar bacon from two rivers is better.
      The shop also has back, gammon, black forest, garlic and nitrate free Berkshire bacon.

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        Thank you both :) Because I was hoping to give wild boar bacon this saturday, i called Hills in chilliwack, and they said that Urban Fare can special order there products, as well as Tango's in downtown Vancouver. The meat manager Vita at Urban Fare is awesome, she ordered it quick, and will have them even wrap it beautifully to be a gift. I ordered a pound of sliced bacon (about $30) on Tues, and can pick it up on Friday. I will also try the Two Rivers brand at some point. Berkshire bacon sounds good. Thanks for your help and if anyone new reads this, feel free to add more suggestions, im sure i will buy more special bacons in the future. I am thinking of Bacon Freaks bacon club (online) but would prefer to pick up those special flavours of bacon in store rather than pay for courier..if anyone knows where to get other flavours, please let me know.

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          I was wondering why Vita needed just one pound of wild boar bacon delivered, now I understand. I'm the Hills Foods rep for downtown and managed to get that pound of goodness to you. Urban Fare has been really progressive about carrying pasture raised, game, and wild meats. Check them out for demos from time to time, you might find me there cooking kangaroo.

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            Hi Coliwoggle :) , Thank you so much for that wild boar bacon and delivering it so quick, i wish i couldve afforded more than 1 pound...the recipient LOVED it, he couldnt even wait for breakfast, he ate a few deliciously sweet pieces for dinner and raved about it to me and his envious co-workers.BEST. BACON. EVER. He also saved the bacon-fat to make a dish with and was quite grateful to me-the giver of perfect bacon ;). I am thrilled with the awesome quality of Hills foods and how Urban Fare even packaged it all up nice (prettiest meat you ever saw). I hope to try a bit of kangaroo or other exotic meat when I can. I am new to the specialty meats and am on a budget, but i recommend for others to save up and try the unusual varieties,its definately worth it.

            By the way, am i able to order a tiny amount like half or quarter pound? i wouldnt mind trying some of that bacon or sampling other meats if tiny orders are allowed.

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              Wow. Thank you for the complements! How do I not let that go to my head? ;)

              I'll talk to Vita about half pound packages of the Wild Boar bacon. Check back with her at a later date!