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Apr 29, 2013 09:27 PM

Where to eat pork with abundant CRACKLING?

Recently dined in Dublin at Lgueulton on Fade Street and had an amazing pork dish with great slabs of pork crackling - it was so delicious I didn't wash my teeth for days!. Do any Toronto restaurants offer SERIOUS pork crackling with their pork dishes?

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  1. i am probably stating the obvious, but most chinese bbq places have roast pig in the window, with a goodly amount of crackling on offer. i wouldn't consider the smattering of crackling that porchetta puts in their sammies to be a 'serious' amount, so i would discount that source. . .

    i understand bairrada does the occasional crackling roast pig, but i haven't made it out there yet. . .

    good luck!

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      Thanks, yes I've often looked at the Chinese bbq pork but I was hoping for something without stuff like 5 spice seasoning. Is it even possible to buy the kind of pork that produces crackling? Everything seems so lean these days and skin is never seen.

      1. re: KitchenVoodoo

        You can ask most butchers to get you a pork shoulder with the skin on. Season to taste, then slow roast in the oven for a long time and you can keep all the crackling for yourself! Nothing lean about the shoulder...yum.

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          The best crackling pork I've had comes from a tiny take out place in Scarboro, Ho Ho BBQ, 3833 Midland Av.
          It was featured in one of the last Gourmet issues,
          Their roast pork is made with salt and sugar, and is much better than their BBQ pork, which is spicier and dry.

          1. re: jayt90

            awesome story--thanks for sharing. . .

            1. re: jayt90

              Well, that article certainly makes me want to check that place out. Do you know if the man referenced in the article still runs it?

              1. re: Michael N

                Don't know, but the reviews on Yelp are still good.It was family run, with low prices and very friendly front staff, as of last year..

                1. re: jayt90

                  i was up there like, 6 months ago maybe, and it was still great. the pork is top notch and the people who run it are very open to chat/offer samples/advice

                2. re: Michael N

                  It is still run by the same man. If you ever have enough people to pig pun intended, you can order a whole pig from them. Order the medium or the suckling pig and you are in for a treat. I did so for my wedding as a ceremonial pig and my family raved about it even to this day. The skin/crackling was to die for.

              2. re: KitchenVoodoo

                FYI, For Chinese 'Roast Pork', 5 Spice seasoning are applied to the interior of the pig only. For the skin, usual rubbed with salt.
                However, recent approach by Hong Kong Michelin star chef is to cover skin with 'sugar'. Roast till burnt and then scraped off. Reapply sugar layer two more time to get really crispy result!
                For the lacquered skin suckling piglet, the skin is prepared more like a Peking Duck, with mixture of molasses, vinegar and wine brush onto skin.

            2. Not exactly crackling but lechon (phillipino style roast pork) often has large pieces of crunchy skin.

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              1. re: sweetie

                Thanks for that tip, I see a Philipino place has opened in Chinatown East so I'll drop in and see what I can find.

              2. If you go to a Filipino restaurant, you can look for either classic "lechon" which is a whole pig roasted over coals (or wood embers) until the skin is crisp, or "lechon kawali" (easier to find), which is pork belly that is boiled then deep fried to pruduce crunchy skin. Traditional/classic lechon has shiny, brown, glossy skin while the crackling of lechon kawali has that bubbly, blistered texture. Each has its own merits :)

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                1. re: ctl98

                  Wow, either style of lechon sound great to me - I will seek out!

                2. And now for something completely different: If you can get a group of 1 - 10 together you can book Yer Ma's Kitchen at Dora Keough's on the Danforth. You order for family style dining and one of their main courses is roast pork with a ton of crackling. My men's group has gone there for many years, and that's what we always end up with. The full mean with appies and dessert will cost about $50 a head.

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                  1. re: gilbert1111

                    Now THAT I would be interested in, I think I could round up possibly 7 people, but they might not be too keen just at the moment now that the weather has warmed up, more interested in outdoor light dining, thanks for the advice.

                  2. At Heidelberg House restaurant near St Jacobs I noticed some impressive-looking large pork hock dinners being served at nearby tables. Not sure if the skin was crackling or gummy..can anyone else weigh in?

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                      I've never had the pork hock there, we go for tails, gummy skin on them, I doubt the hocks are any different though