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Apr 29, 2013 09:11 PM

sweet 16 ideas

I am taking my daughter and a few friends into NYC for the day for her 16th birthday. We will be seeing a broadway show. Then heading to dinner. Any ideas for a fun place for teens? I was actually hoping to find a place that had dinner and dancing for them. Not a place for old folks, but a hip place with the latest music and dinner. Any ideas?? Please help. We are going in the summer. Any help is truly appreciated.

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  1. My suggestion is not to combine dinner with dancing, because if you do, you're not likely to find a place with good food.

    Now, as for the restaurant: What's your budget, how many people will be coming, when is it happening, and what neighborhoods do you favor? Is it a pre- or post-theater dinner?

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      Another thought, though: If they like karaoke, it's possible to rent a room at Congee Village, have a good Cantonese banquet, and do karaoke.

      I think dancing may be a problem because clubs have drinking and won't let 16-year-olds in. Maybe you could rent a space, have the dinner catered, and hire a DJ, but that will run into lots of money.

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        My 2nd thought was just to take them to Serendipity 3, but I read so many bad reviews. Hmmmm.......don't know what to do.

    2. dinner and dancing for 16 years old girls? I don't know if there is a place like that in Manhattan. The only place I can think of are those Russian restaurants in Brooklyn.
      The only fun place I can think of is Ninja which serves Japanese food by guess who, ninjas and they do other tricks and sorts...popular for birthdays.

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        I don't think the girls will appreciate the menu at Ninja. Sounds like a great place though......thanks.

        1. re: masonbaby

          What kinds of food do you think they would appreciate?

      2. I don't think you will have a great deal of luck regarding the dancing b/c of their age- although I could wrong. Why not make a reservation at somewhere fun and " trendy" that will have a clubby vibe? What's your budget like?

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          Fun and trendy sounds great! Any suggestions of places? My budget is approximately $100 per person.

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            Stanton Social; Beauty and Essex; Buddakan

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              That's quite a substantial budget.

              I may have missed it, but how many people will the reservation be for? One idea is to call Crispo, a consistently good Italian restaurant (though some hounds pan it) and rent their garden. No dancing or karaoke are possible there, but it's always popular. I'm not sure the girls will like the soundtrack, though: They tend to play music from the 70s and 80s, so definitely not the latest.