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Apr 29, 2013 09:06 PM

Menu advice on pork belly skewers

These sound really tasty and I would love build a menu around them. Should they be used as an appetizer or main? I am open to all suggestions, I am looking for ideas, I will probably attempt these in few months. If it helps, I am planning a trip to the area in my town that has a lot of Asian and Latino markets.

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  1. These definitely sound delicious, Tracy. I think I'd make them the focus as a main because of the time it takes to make it. I recently made pork belly using the ideas from the Momofuku bo ssam, served with lettuce to wrap, with kimchi, rice and some of the Korean side dishes. Your guests would love it.

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      Thanks, I was thinking of having a feast-ish presentation so this may work. I am still open to other ideas.

    2. That recipe does sound good.

      I would second Terrie's recommendation, something similar to the picture below. A Korean style grilled pork belly with lots of things to add into lettuce wraps.

      1. These sound great. We do sate babi as a main at barbecues. This particular recipe would pair well with a savory watermelon salad, coconut rice and/or green papaya salad.