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Apr 29, 2013 09:01 PM

7 hour over-night layover jaunt into the city - crazy?

The situation: I arrive at 11pm and need to be on a plane to Portland at 6 the next morning.

The thought: Head into the city for a cocktail and then maybe to Mission for eats. Or some combo like that.

Crazy talk? Doable? Better options?

I'll be back to SFO a few weeks later, so this isn't a -must- but just that I can't imagine spending 7 hours in San Fran and not trying to eat something!

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  1. I think it is doable, but not a lot of places in SF serve food after 11. In the Mission, only Beretta comes to mind, but I am probably missing a spot or two. Unless you want a burrito?
    My late night choice would be Nopa. I think they serve until 1.

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      Locanda, Delfina's fancier restaurant, serves till 1 some nights. It's very close to 16th St BART.

      There's a fair amount of crime in the Mission after midnight, especially snatch and grabs of smartphones, some of them armed. Please don't bring luggage.

      Also if you haven't bought your connection yet, fly Virgin America to Portland so you can take advantage of Terminal 2, including great comfy chairs, yoga room, better food, etc.
      Virgin's also typically cheapest on that route.
      You can get a shuttle for $17 each way. For one person, this is cheaper than renting a car, and 1/3 what a taxi will cost.

    2. That could be a tough schedule. As other posters noted, SF does not have a huge number of late night dining options.

      If your flight is delayed, or if you have to clear customs, your 11pm arrival means you may not be out of the airport until much later.

      BART stops running at midnight, so that means taking a cab into the city and/or back to the airport. Bars close at 2am.

      A lot of the concessions in the airport are closed overnight too. So you should make sure you bring some snacks with you in case you are stuck in the airport overnight.

      Scanning through this list, the only thing open overnight is Subway.

      Sorry, I am sure your next SF trip will be better.

      1. i would eat first. in addition to beretta, flour +water is also open until 12 on thurs/fri/sat, and trick dog is open until 2 for food. or if you just want "mission eats", taqueria cancun is open until 1:45 sun-thurs and 2:45 fri-sat. (farolito is open an hour later every night, but i don't like it as much). and of course bacon wrapped hot dog carts on most blocks of mission street, and the pupusa cart at 16th/guerrero on weekends.

        1. what day/night will this be, actually? that will help a lot with planning this...

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            Yeah, the very-late-night options vary a lot from day to day.

          2. I think the logistics would far outweigh any enjoyment. Get into the city, if you're on time, about midnight. Then be back at the airport at 5. Once everything shuts down in the city, you still have a couple of hours to kill and I don't know where you'd do that. I'd get as inexpensive a room as possible near SFO get some sleep. Especially since you'll be back soon. Just my two cents.