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Apr 29, 2013 08:26 PM

Cocktails in Rockridge [Oakland]

Looking for a nice, anniversary celebration-worthy place for cocktails in Rockridge. We are having dinner at A Cote, so I'd rather it be somewhere else. Hudson would have been perfect for that, but alas, they're closed. Does anyone have a favorite, nicer-than-a-dive-bar, spot?

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  1. The downstairs cafe at Oliveto mixes a good cocktail, and is nice enough for a special occasion.

    1. Is Adesso on Piedmont Ave close enough? I'd say they have the best cocktails near A Cote.

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      1. re: mdougherty

        +1 for Adesso, it has the most extensive cocktail options of the places mentioned so far, and they do interesting things with bitters

      2. ramen,has a nice bar.

        right up college.

        1. toast on college has or getting a full bar.

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          1. re: Mission

            I think Toast has had the full bar for a while.

            Ramen Shop makes good drinks, but there's very little seating.

          2. -Wood Tavern makes fab cocktails.

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            1. re: escargot3

              Wood Tavern's bar is great, though getting a seat is tough anywhere near dinnertime.

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                But they reserve the bar for dining, so unless you go at an off hour, you can't just have a drink.