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Apr 29, 2013 07:56 PM

Vietnamese Cuisine Cocktail Pairing

So we are going to be a dinner party battle with a group of friends, the weapon of choice Bo Kho, which is a hearty Vietnamese beef stew with carrots, which has a bit of kick

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for what cocktails would pair well with Bo Kho

I was going to make Navy Grog's, well because I love Navy Grogs...but was curious what might make better flavor combinations other than a Navy Grog

That being said there are many variations of Bo Kho but think beef stock, Meat, Carrots and spices

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  1. A Daiquiri made with Mekhong? Yes, it's Thai, but I believe it is drunk throughout the region. The lime would cut through the spice and heaviness of the stew.

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      So you think anything lime heavy will work? Mai Tai / Mojitio - etc

    2. Rum punches.

      But bo kho really would go better with a red wine, I'm thinking.

      1. Howsabout a beer shandy?
        I'm thinking Vietnamese beer (Hue or 33) mixed with ginger beer and garnished with sliced fresh or pickled ginger.

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            Vietnamese Beers are pretty do need to cut them with something ;p

        1. Tequila and mezcal go well with spicy Asian food. Something simple like a Paloma or a classic Margarita would work.

          Green Chartreuse drinks like the Last Word too.

          And your suggest of rum drinks is solid as well.