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Apr 29, 2013 06:38 PM

Sunday dinner near Largo Argentina in June

We will be arriving in Rome on a Sunday evening from Positano (with a stop in Herculaneum) and checking into our apt. on via san Nicola de Cesarini, near the Torre Argentina. We will have our 9 (almost 10) year old son with us. He doesn't eat pizza (at least the red sauce American version).
Considering Ditterambo or Casa e Bottega Bistro. I think both are open on Sunday. Open to other suggestions, these were the ones I found on the wonderful apps from Elisabeth Minchilli and Katie Parla.

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  1. Try the Jewish Ghetto - you are very close and Sundays everything is open there. Beppe e suoi formaggi for a lighter meal (cheeses, salads, wine) or Ba Ghetto or Nonna Betta.

    1. had a really great dinner at renato e luisa on our recent visit to rome. it wasnt sunday but elizabeth minchilli seems to indicate they are open on sundays (not mondays, though).


      it had a very local feel - lots of families and several kids of various ages. our server was positively hysterical, reluctant but able to speak english, even if some of his usage was amusing ("hotted" in place of roasted, "jumped" for sautee).

      great specials and wine, we had both the octopus and squid ink dish linked in the post above and a special of mixed lamb offal with artichokes and ricotta which was sublime. and its perfectly located near your place.

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      1. re: tex.s.toast

        my food memory may have been a bit slowed by the lack of coffee this morning (or excess of wine the night we dined at renato e luisa) but other people in our party had (and i sampled) some great lamb chops, a filet in a wine reduction with prunes, an excellent arrabiata, and a plate of mixed antipasti including fried flor di zucca, and cheese stuffed dates.

        1. re: tex.s.toast

          That sounds delicious, and right up our alley. DS doesn't eat cheese, but adores lamb chops, (and duck confit and rabbit--go figure!).

          We plan on touring the jewish ghetto and visiting the synagogue, so we will add the above suggestions for those days.

      2. Thanks so much for the kind words about the app!

        I was going to recommend Renato e Luisa, but see that someone already did!

        I also like Dittirambo, and in the Ghetto on a Sunday I go to Gigetto. If you do end up at Gigetto, reserve ahead of time for a table outside.

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        1. re: minchilli

          Are any of them open for dinner before 8:30? It will be a very long day for us, and that might be a little late to eat for our son.

          Also, is the Despar market near our apt open Sunday evening so that I can pick up milk for the morning?

          Lastly, we will be eating lunch near the Coliseum on Monday, any suggestions for restaurants that would be open that day?

          1. re: bawc

            I dont know how you are travelling, but you might want to consider lunching at Viva Lo Re in Ercolano - its very good and you may be tired after your visit to the site (very fine). You then would not need much of a meal when you hit rome in the evening.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Thank you, I was at a loss for Ercolano. Perhaps then we could have a light meal as you suggested, and go to Beppe e sui formaggi. My son loves cured meats and sausages, and we would enjoy the cheese, salad and wine!

              1. re: bawc

                I don't think Beppe is opened on Sunday nights.

                The supermarket on Via del Plebliscito should be open that evening, since it mostly caters to tourists and seems always to be open!

                The problem with Renato e Luisa is that they open only at 8:30. But Gigetto opens earlier, at 7:30, so you should be ok there.

                1. re: minchilli

                  Elizabeth is right, beppe closes around 3pm on sundays, so scratch that! I do suggest ba ghetto or nonna betta then!

                  1. re: vinoroma

                    Thank you for all your help. I will review the menu options and make sure there is something that appeals to my son. Would Forno Campo di Fiori be a good option for another night, as well as ditterambo (pasta and pizza Bianca are safe bets with kids...).?

                    1. re: bawc

                      we ate at Roscioli (salumeria, not forno) a few nights before Renato e Luisa and found it to be excellent (i know it has taken some hits on this board for attitude, maybe as NYers we were just used to it?).

                      Forno Campo di Fiori i stopped into to grab a piece of pizza bianca, but i dont recall seating and certainly not service, but perhaps i missed something? it seemed to be basically a bakery.

                      Honestly - id have you rush to Roscioli (my wife said she would have gone back the next night and ordered the exact same things). The carbonara was the best we ate in rome, the smoked mozz on the meatballs was fantastic, and the burrata was only topped by the stuff we had made the second before we ate it at a private function.

                      1. re: tex.s.toast

                        As a former born and bred New Yorker, I can relate to dealing with attitude.
                        Since we have the apt. we may go to Roscioli or Forno Campo di fiori for food to bring back for dinner. I hope to enjoy the terrace with a nice glass of wine and our purchases.

                        1. re: bawc

                          Both Roscioli and Forno campo dei fiori are closed sundays. Also, FCDF has only baked goods (pizza by the slice, bread, cookies), not a place for a real take away dinner, if you are considering for other days. Roscioli bakery is great for bread as well as take away dishes, and at Roscioli salumeria you could get cheeses and salumi.

                          1. re: vinoroma

                            Thank you. I was taking advantage of the discussion to plan our other evening meals, if we choose not to go out every night, and for bread for breakfast.

                2. re: bawc

                  its a very pleasant (Slowfood) regionally oriented place (indoor space only) with great regional wines. Herculaneum scavi (amazing site) is a fair/ walk downhill from the station, and Viva Lo Re is several blocks S of the scavi on the main north-south street (Corso Recina ss18). We walked it all - if you have a car and driver its obviously easier if you have luggage, etc..

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    Sounds lovely. I had thought about having the car drop us off in Ercolo, and leaving the luggage at the train station in order to save money ( i worry about paying the driver to wait while we lunch ), but it may not be worth the hassle with child and luggage.

                    1. re: bawc

                      most train stations in Italy, except the bigger ones, dont have left luggage facilities - you should check before you go if this is part of your plan. Most likely they have this facility in Napoli central station, so you could have your lunch there as an alternative tho restaurant pickings are slim Sundays in the center

                      1. re: jen kalb

                        I checked, and There is a left luggage area in Ercolano, However, for ease of travel, we may have the driver wait anyway. Viva lo Re is open on Sunday?

                        1. re: bawc

                          as far as I can tell - you might want to send them an email. google translate is great for this kind of thing.