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Non Cantonese in Vancouver

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Traveling to Vancouver again in June. I know Vancouver is known for it's Cantonese Chinese places but I am not a big fan of Cantonese. I prefer the spicier cuisines of China, Sichuan, Hunan, etc. Any suggestions welcome. We will travel but near skytrain stops would be a bonus. Thanks.

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  1. In Richmond (Aberdeen Skytrain Station):
    Golden Szechuan
    New Spicy Chili
    Bushuair (Hunan)

    1. Also in Richmond:

      Szechuan Delicious (by Brighouse SkyTrain Station)

      1. I believe fmed is too modest to post his own article, but I have no issues doing it. It's a good reference guide.


        Crystal Mall would be close to the Metrotown Skytrain Station and the Joyce Skytrain Station would be within walking distance to the Joyce & Kingsway area.

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          Many Thanks, this is just what I wanted to find!

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            His article was the bomb. Do people still say that? "The bomb?"

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                Geez Louise, that was a real Doozy !