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Apr 29, 2013 05:26 PM

Indian in Asheville.... which one?

One of my friends really likes Indian cuisine and will be leaving for an extended period of time. As a going away treat, I'm taking her out for Indian food. Which place would you go? Mela, Cinnamon Kitchen, or India Garden? Are CK and IG owned by the same folks. Their menus are very similar.


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  1. Throw Chai Pani into the mix, as well.

    1. I'd say Mela if you want something a little more formal, Chai Pani if you want fast and energetic. Check out Chai Pani-owned MG Road (on Wall St.) for cocktails and apps, too.

      1. I've enjoyed all three as far as the food goes (I love Indian food although am no expert on authenticity). I haven't been to IG in a long time though (years). But, if I were to choose one for fun with a friend, I would definitely go to Mela. I like the atmosphere the best and it has more energy. Plus, after you eat, you can wander around downtown vs. being stuck in a strip mall.