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Apr 29, 2013 05:16 PM

Oregon Wine country selections and question

We, two couples,are visiting the wonderful Oregon wine country from the SF Bay Area.We have made reservations at three places in the wine country. We have all been before to the "usual" places. We will be going to Paulee in Dundee, Thistle (we two of us went when it first opened) and Walnut City Kitchen.
I have since heard that Eric, the previous chef at Thistle, has left to open a restaurant in Portland.
Any comments on our choices and particularly on how the new chef is doing at Thistle?

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  1. I haven't eaten at Thistle since Eric left but Emily is still there nightly and she's not going to stand for sub-par food. They still seem to be busy. Patrick is still pouring drinks - one of the best bartenders out there.

    Paulee also recently lost its chef and we haven't been back since but loved it before...

    I have heard great things from friends regarding Walnut City at dinner. Have just been for lunch and really liked it.

    You have been to Nick's before, right? They just remodeled the dining room and have a completely different feel now.

    1. This is unhelpful, but if you're going before Memorial Day weekend, I'd love to read a recap.

      We are going with another couple and staying in Newberg, and it's my first time in the Pacific Northwest -- don't even know where the "usual places" are, hence my trolling Chowhound for ideas.


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        I'm guessing what Zin means by "usual places" are the ones that have been in existence the longest.
        Nick's, Bistro Maison and La Rambla in McMinnville
        Tina's and Red Hills Cafe in Dundee
        ...maybe The Painted Lady in Newberg but it seems somehow not right to call that one "usual".

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          Lindsy, We are going the weekend after Memorial day. The crowds are too much the previous weekend. We have made appointments at smaller wineries and will also hit others that have tasting rooms open for more hours.

          Yes, misused the word "usual". I should have said long established. We have been to the Oregon wine country on many occasions and look forward to tasting and eating fine wine and food!