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Apr 29, 2013 05:05 PM

How Long Does Duck Fat Last?

Was just looking through the fridge for an ingredient for tonight and found a sealed jar of duck fat that I rendered about a month ago. Is this still good to cook with? I smelled it and it has no smell at all, and the color is still yellowish white throughout (same as the day I stored it).

If I wanted to fry chicken and veggies in it tonight, would that be healthy?

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  1. If its been sealed (so as not to absorb other fridge odors. It should be good for at least six months. I used some 5 month old far this weekend and it was fine.

    1. I had a sealed bottle full of duck fat that was in my fridge for well over a year and still delicious (it migrated to a hidden corner, else it would never have lasted that long). There's nothing quite as wonderful as potatoes fried in duck fat; you can hear the angels singing while you eat.
      Edit: if you're concerned, use your nose. If the fat has turned your nose will detect rancid odors.

      1. Rendered fat keeps for ages, particularly if it's in the fridge - it can last over a year.

        I keep ghee at room temperature in a sub-tropical climate, and it lasts for at least a year without going rancid.

        1. Thanks!! You guys are awesome.