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Apr 29, 2013 03:01 PM

5lbs of bratwurst - what to do with it?

So we emerged from a Sam's Club with probably 12-13lbs of meat, but of this was 5lbs of fresh bratwurst, bought on a whim because the samples handed out were tasty.

It's only the 2 of us, and we like to vary the food we eat (read: brats on buns will get old, fast). We're also trying to stay trim for an upcoming event (I know, bratwurst isn't exactly lean). Anyone have any recipe ideas?

I just bought a bunch of bean sprouts, so tonight I was thinking of taking a brat out of its casing and frying the ground meat with the bean sprouts, adding some soy sauce and rice wine for extra flavor, and serving with rice.

I've also thought about a soup/stew with potatoes, onions, and cabbage.

Any other ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Well, you could certainly freeze any that you don't want to eat right away.

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    1. re: DrMag

      That's the plan for most of the brats, but once we defrost them later we'll still want something to do with them! Thinking about making a bolognese sauce with them as well.

      1. re: jen223

        We buy them that way at Costco and freeze two to a pack. Just grill 'em and eat with whatever we're having. Never put on a bun.

        1. re: c oliver

          I was about to say freeze them in twos or fours. that way you won't have googobs sitting around to worry about. With summer upon us, I can't imagine they'll be clogging up your freezer for very long.

    2. I was thinking of "have a cookout and invite the neighbors"...or have some friends over and serve, classic brat style while watching a baseball game.

      They go really nicely with brussel sprouts, rappi, and other slightly bitter greens, too

      1. Start a Greek house? Host a tailgate party?

        1. My BF and I have sausage in our fridge all the time. Try it with...

          - Pizza! Take it out of the casing or slice 'em. I like pairing it with arugula and feta.
          - Bolognese would be wonderful.
          - Orriecchiette, broccoli, diced tomatoes, with either a cream or olive oil sauce. Classic.
          - Stuffed in mushroom caps
          - With curry sauce, German-style
          - With roasted or sauteed greens, like what pinehurst suggested, and brown rice pilaf or lemony orzo

          1. Slice up a couple, sauteed in pan, pour in 3 whisked up eggs seasoned with salt and pepper, add a diced up scallion and make an 'sauage egg omelet'