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Apr 29, 2013 02:53 PM

Lunch at Per Se Salon or EMP bar

For people that have tried both, which one would you pick? There are some pictures for PSS but I haven't found any for EMPB. Are the portions comparable and which experience as whole is better as far as the food and service?

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  1. Have done both as well as their respective dining rooms. I think they are both wonderful in their own ways but my nod would go to the bar at EMP because you feel more a part of the main room while still being a little removed from it wjereas the Salon at Per Se is completely seperate from the dining room. Portions are good but I wouldn't call either "generous" sized. They food in both places still comes from their incredible kitchens. I think bar service at EMP beats Salon service but it's really splitting hairs.

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      Thank you. I guess I still don't know which one to pick. My brother really loved his lunch two years ago, but that was before the change.

    2. What day of the week is this for?

      EMP only serves lunch Thursday through Saturday from noon to 1:00pm (not sure if the bar hours differ, but I wouldn't expect them to differ much). They don't do Sunday lunch.

      Whereas Per Se serves lunch Friday through Sunday from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

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      1. I've done both and I'd strongly recommend Per Se.
        Maybe I chose the wrong items but the dishes I had at the EMP bar were practically the same size of the tasting menu I had there a few months before. I finished two courses in two bites...

        At Per Se I found the portion to be a little more generous, and I preferred the service as well. At EMP I always had the sensation that I was at a bar, while at Per Se it felt like a different, smaller, restaurant, with the same quality of service and the same kitchen.

        I was personally ok with a starter - main course - dessert at per se (more or less 100$ tax included) while I added an other main at EMP (more than 130$ tax and tip included)

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          I had a feeling the portions will be a little larger at PSS. I just don't want to spend around $100 and leave hungry.

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            Per Se's desserts, and especially dessert course at the Salon, have become disappointing these days. Dull and boring.

          2. Done both for lunch. Prefer PSS simply because for some reason I felt rushed at EMPB.