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Apr 29, 2013 02:39 PM

Champagne Buffet Opening in San Mateo

Champagne Seafood in San Mateo closed for remodeling and is reopening as a buffet. Looks like a Moonstar buffet model. April 30 is their first day. 10% discount..

It will be interesting if they succeed. I'm not optimistic. Their dim sum was pretty good, but the place was deserted at night.

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  1. I happened to walk by Champagne a couple weeks ago and noticed that they were closed for "remodeling". I figured there's a good chance they wouldn't reopen so interesting to know that they're back as a buffet. I agree on the deserted part, everytime I walked by at night the place was completely dead. With so many other cantonese options in the area though I'm not surprised.

    1. Thanks as always for your review. If you went multiple times, did you find the selection at lunch vs. dinner to be different?

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        Dinner has extra stuff like crab and roast beef, but neither of them stand out. But I was pleased on my solo last visit there. $1 beer. Tried all their soup selections. Had different kinds of OK sashimi. The cooked-to-order section was amazing, and should be since they were serving inexpensive items like wonton noodles. I will definitely go back for the price. By the way, if all-you-can-eat is your favorite, don't forget Zabu Zabu nearby.