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Apr 29, 2013 01:41 PM

Warehouse Grille

the owners of Rivershack Tavern have opened a new restaurant in the warehouse. they've also retained one of the chefs behind J'anita's. two points... they also want to appeal to locals in the neighborhood and become a spot for regulars. more points!

sadly, Sunday's brunch was pretty bad. i had the Cajun Benedict -- crawfish cakes over biscuits w/ poached eggs and hollandaise, and side of what i believe was the corn-roasted cheese grits (menu mentions those and plain, and mine were yellow w/ corn pieces). this all sounded great on paper...but was completely lacking in actual flavor. the biscuits were flat, but may have had some rosemary in them. the crawfish must have been ground finely, couldnt identify any. the the hollandaise had broken so it didnt really stick to the eggs, which were poached well. but none of it was seasoned whatsoever...nor did the bartender provide any salt or pepper.

the side of corn & cheese grits were the biggest offender -- not a calorie of flavor. they literally tasted like air...solidified air. would not eat.

my SO's Basic Breafkast was likewise void of flavor or seasoning -- w/ the exception of the sausage patties, which were so incredibly salty it was like they absorbed all the seasoning from our two plates combined.

service was meh.

pretty disappointed...have really enjoyed Friday lunches at Rivershack. will probably go back to try the evening fare, or hit the 40 taps of draught beer...but definitely will not do brunch again.

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  1. Rivershack at lunch is wonderful because Chef Mike Baskind cooks then and only then.

    I was originally told Craig and Kimmie were somehow involved with Warehouse Grille, but my impression is that they were menu consultants more than anything else.

    I went once. Bland and uninteresting.

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    1. re: paz5559

      Bland food goes with bland name. Same can be said for the similarly uninteresting Courtyard Grill on Magazine Street. Come on, peoples, names are important.

      1. re: shanefink

        I'm not sure I agree with you on restaurant names although there are probably examples going both ways.

        If you knew nothing about the actual restaurant and was just given a list of names, would your first choice be Bozo's or Couchon Butcher? The latter, out of context, sounds like a slasher movie!

        This could be an interesting parlor game.

        1. re: collardman

          Funny you picked Bozo’s because I’ve never been there because it reminds me of the clown. Whereas I love the name Couchon Butcher because it reminds me of sliced pig.

          1. re: shanefink

            Exactly, about Bozo's. There's bound to be a place somewhere called Clarabelles.

            And who would pay a fortune to eat at a place called The French Laundry!

      2. re: paz5559

        ah didnt realize none of the notoriety cooks are actually, you know, cooking. bummer. good luck with that...

      3. Had a burger and fired there last night. It was above average. The bartender said that Kimmie and Craig were no longer associated with the establishment.